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Big Cass, views on Donald Trump not popular

Big Cass Gage Skidmore on Flickr


When it comes to politics, Donald Trump has divided many Americans and the WWE locker room is no different. According to the Pro Wrestling Observer, RAW Superstar Big Cass, and his support of the POTUS is reportedly not popular among his coworkers. Which has recently garnered him some heat backstage.

But it doesn’t appear as if it should hurt his place on the card or the company as a whole. Afterall, Linda McMahon is a member of the current administration.

He also still appears to be on an upward trajectory on Monday Night RAW as it appears that he may be moving past the split with Enzo Amore and is moving on to a program with The Big Show. He was also featured prominently in the RAW Talk show on the WWE Network following the live show.

It appears that both Enzo and Cass have found themselves in hot water of late because of locker room antics. Luckily for Cass however; he already appears to have the backing of the higher ups within the organization; which should bode well for him. After all, if the WWE wasn’t high on Cass I don’t know if he would have won his singles debut PPV match in such dominant fashion and conventional wisdom would indicate that he will likely come out on top in his upcoming feud with the Big Show.

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