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Big Vito in a Dress?

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Dukes Loves Rasslin Podcast sat down with former WCW, ECW, and WWE Superstar Big Vito for an interview. For what you ask? Vito was there to discuss various topics including his WWE career, his leaving for ECW and more. Below are the results of the podcast.

Podcast Results

Paul Heyman helped Vito to make the choice to leave ECW for WCW;

Vito replied with

“Paul I got an offer with WCW, but I want to stay here because I don’t want to go.” Paul replied, ” You’ve been wrestling for a long time, this is your chance. You have my blessing you have to go.” Paul Heyman had Vito’s back regradless.

Vito talks about the gimmick that Stephanie and Vince McMahon had him doing. His gimmick included him wearing a dress. That’s right you heard me right. It was a dress.

Vito Speaks out

“Stephanie and Vince, asked me to wear a dress, and I said, “okay; The first time on TV I smiled, and the people were behind me. I quickly became a fan favorite and went undefeated for four months. When you make it in the business, you get a little brawly because nobody really excepts you to get over so much.”

Vito was suppose to fight King Booker, well they ended up putting The Undertaker in that spot.

Vito’s take on young wrestlers today and Veterans

“If a veteran told you something you took it, you booked it, you learned it, and you REMEMBERED it. Today, young wrestlers, get advice and will say; “Who the hell are you?” You are a nobody, you never drove a dime. I know I never drew a dime, but you are only here for a cup of coffee, but you didn’t earn the cup yet.”

Writer’s Thoughts

It clearly looked like Vito would of done anything to be part of the WCW. People will do anything to accomplish their dreams and passions. Rather its losing all the time or perhaps wearing a dress. I do agree with him that a lot of the young wrestlers do not have respect for legends and veterans wrestlers. I think they should have respect for them, because without them, there wouldn’t be no Finn Balor, no Dean Ambrose or Seth Rollins, and so on.

Would you wear a dress to accomplish your dreams? Do you agree with him on how legends; don’t get the respect they deserve? Leave your comments below and tell us what you think.

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