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Breaking News: Paige’s In-Ring Career is Likely Over

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Breaking News: Paige’s In-Ring Career is Likely Over

The former Divas Champion, NXT Women’s Champion, and Total Divas star can’t seem to catch a break. Last year, there was breaking news that Paige had some nude photos leaked all over the internet. And, unfortunately, there seems to be a steady stream of them since.

Following that, everyone worried that she wouldn’t be welcomed back to the WWE. Additionally, her romantic relationship with Alberto Del Rio wasn’t doing her any favors. Fans watched her hit rock-bottom, and all seemed to be done for the raven-haired diva.

But finally, just this November, she returned to the ring. Her stable mates in Absolution, Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose, have really helped her regain traction in the company, despite being gone for so long.

Things were looking up for Paige, too, until she suffered an injury near the end of 2017. During a match, she took a stiff kick to the back from Sasha Banks, which resulted in Paige falling immediately to the mat. Originally, it was thought to be a stinger. Following the match, Paige lost feeling in her extremities, so she was pulled from the tour until WWE could get her properly tested.

However, PWInsider reports that after a thorough exam, the 25-year-old will not be able to compete in the ring again. Supposedly, the injury is very similar to the career-ending injury that took Edge out of action as well. In Edge’s case, he was told to stop wrestling for fear of risking permanent paralysis.

Of course, the WWE has not announced anything yet officially. Paige has not said anything on the issue, either, so we can hope that this is all a work. Unfortunately, with her prior neck injury, this is probably a legitimate claim.

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