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Brie Bella on Daniel Bryan’s Potential Return, Nikki Bella Wants to be GM, Birdiebee Launches

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Brie Bella Talks Daniel Bryan’s In-Ring Return

Even though the WWE seems hellbent on keeping the popular Yes!-man out of the ring, his wife Brie is standing by him. Brie recently appeared as a guest on Busted Open Radio, where she talked in great length about her husband’s undying thirst to get back to the mat.

During the interview, Brie explained that as long as the doctors cleared him, she won’t be the one standing in his way:

“This is my thing. I told Bryan, ‘Obviously your health is everything to me. As long as doctors clear you, I’m OK,’ because I’m not the type of wife to ever hold back my husband from his dreams at all,” said Bella. “And why I fell in love with Bryan, is his passion.”

There have been plenty of rumors that following Daniel Bryan‘s contract with the WWE, he will head to Ring of Honor. He’s been very vocal about not being properly cleared by the WWE doctors, so it would not be surprising if he chose to head to a different company.

“The moment they told him he could no longer wrestle in the ring…he has done everything to figure out how he can get back into that ring,” Bella said. “He’s flown all over the United States to do all these different oxygen chambers, all these different things. You can’t beat that passion, and that’s what I tell him. That right there. That’s passion that people will never be taught. I told him, ‘Whatever you want to do Bryan, I 100 percent support you.'”

Nikki Bella Interested in GM Role?

Nikki Bella is all over the place. From her time with Dancing With the Stars to creating a wine with her sister, she never rests. Tie that in with planning a wedding, and you begin to wonder how she finds time to keep her abs on point.

Tonight, the season premiere of Total Divas will hit televisions across the world. This reality show is now in its seventh season, and will feature new superstars, including Nia Jax, Carmella, and Alexa Bliss. One nice thing about the show is the ability to give fans a glimpse into the lives of their favorite superstars. Sometimes, we get to see things that we wouldn’t otherwise get to see happen on regular Smackdown or Raw programming.

That being said, Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer reported that one of the storylines for the show this season is Nikki Bella’s interest in becoming the Smackdown Live General Manager. That is, before her brother-in-law took the job.

However, the WWE likes to integrate the television show with the regular programs. So, we may see Nikki return as some kind of authority figure. That way, she can continue to be part of the show but take it easy.

Birdiebee Brand Launches

Again, do the Bella Twins ever rest? The long wait is over for their new fashion line. After collaborating with Shark Tank investor Daymond John, Nikki and Brie were able to get their feet into the design business and create something that they truly wanted to do.

Here’s some more information, according to

“Birdiebee’s purpose is to create and cultivate a brand community that will empower and educate women on a global scale. Birdiebee is the brainchild of Brie and Nicole Bella, also known as WWE Superstars The Bella Twins from E! Entertainment hit shows Total Divas and Total Bellas. The brand will mirror their passion for life, women’s health and wellness, style, philanthropy and fun.”
The Bellas have also been very vocal about their philanthropic endeavors. Upon further investigation, I found exactly how they would integrate the new line with that goal in mind:
During the months of November and December, Birdiebee will donate a portion of all sales to Dress for Success to help their mission to create a world where women do not live in poverty but are treated with dignity, respect and ultimately to feel empowered as women.

The website is now up and running, and many items are available for purchase. More items will be available soon.

Um, I know what I want for Christmas.

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