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Brock Lesnar: UFC return?

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Brock Lesnar: UFC return?

The Octagon, we all know it as a UFC ring, will be once again see the return of “The Beast Incarnate”, Brock Lesnar. No exact date has been set, but critics say it could possibly be sometime in November, or shortly after SummerSlam. Brock is currently the WWE Universal Champion for Raw, he has only had one title match since he won it from Goldberg at Wrestlemania 33.

Paul Heyman, the advocate of Brock Lesnar, was spotted with Lesnar at the UFC Headquarters; where they had a meeting with UFC brass. Predictions say that he will most likely make his return at Madison Square Garden.

What is chasing Brock back to UFC?

Maybe it’s the new Era starting? Perhaps Samoa Joe was too much for him at Great Balls of Fire. This seems to be a question that may never be answered.

What’s the future for Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam?

Brock Lesnar will be defending the Universal Championship at SummerSlam; he is expected to lose the title to the “Big Dog” Roman Reigns. With this loss, it is possible that he can return to the UFC ring with no hold backs.

Has Brock Lesnar been cleared to return to the UFC?

The answer is no. Brock has yet to be tested in 2017 by the USADA. More than likely, he will be excused without further testing so that he can go right back to Octagon.

No one knows what Brock has up his sleeve, but it’s all worth the wait to sit back and see what he can come up with his future.

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