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Broken Gimmick a Deal Breaker?

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It has been known to the wrestling fans around the world, that Global Force Wrestling and The Hardy Boyz are not on very good terms right now. You ask why? The truth is The Hardy Boyz left the company this year, and returned to the WWE at WrestleMania to be Reborn by Fate they like to call it. However, they tried to take the Broken Hardys gimmick with them, but GFW claimed ownership of the gimmick; along with the things related to the Broken Universe.

Gimmick Battle

For many months of constant battling back and forth over the gimmick, GFW doesn’t really have the best reputation and that great of ratings like WWE Raw and Smackdown Live have. There is a legal battle going on wit this situation of rights also doesn’t look good for GFW either.

Global Force Wrestling reached to a restaurant called Jimmy’s Seafood hoping to get and asked about a potential partnership with the restaurant, but without any negotiations GFW got shut down by the restaurant. The person running the social media account called Twitter for Jimmy’s Seafood, said the only way they would consider talking to the company if the release the rights to the Broken Hardys gimmick.

Hardys Reactions

How did Matt Hardy react to the situation you say? He said Jimmy’s Seafood is the World Champion of restaurants, and appreciates the place having their back. Will GFW give up the rights of the gimmick, or will they keep fighting the cause, to make themselves look like fools?

Author’s Thoughts

I personally think that Global Force Wrestling should allow The Hardy Boyz have the Broken Gimmick in the WWE. Its clear that Matt and Jeff did really well with it while in GFW. The WWE Universe still honor it, and apparently would love for it to be part of the WWE. I know for sure I would love to see more of the gimmick. It will rise to the top, and more then likely might make Raw have even more  higher ratings.

What will GFW do? Will they give up their rights or will they keep fighting? What do you think should happen? Leave your comments below.

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