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Did Charlotte Steal Her Gimmick?

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GFW Knockout Accuses Charlotte of “Stealing Her Gimmick”

Could Charlotte have stolen her gimmick from another wrestler not named Ric Flair? Well, one wrestler sure thinks so. According to Global Force Wrestling Knockout Sienna the Savage, Charlotte Flair has stolen multiple things from her gimmick.

Sienna accuses Charlotte of stealing her makeup, her feathers, and now holding her pinky up. In her tweet, Sienna compares pictures of herself to pictures of Charlotte to show how similar their gimmicks are. Sienna actually believes they are a little too similar.

“I ignored the feathers & the makeup, but the pinky? Really? If you need anything else from me, let me know.

Charlotte’s peacock robe has feathers on it and the robe is based off the robes her father Ric Flair used to wear heading down to the ring. The pinky has become a secret handshake between Flair and Becky Lynch. When Sienna saw the handshake, she just couldn’t stay silent anymore.

Charlotte responded with a single tweet to show how she feels about the accusations:


I don’t think Flair stole anything from Sienna on purpose, but I see how Sienna would think otherwise. The feathers just make the robe look better. The feathers really help complete the whole queen look she’s going for.

The handshake just seems like something fun that WWE creative thought of to show the friendship of Flair and Lynch on screen. I don’t think they would’ve intentionally taken something that was already being used by somebody else.

Sienna is also the GFW Unified Knockouts Champion. This could also just be a way to get people to pay more attention to her and GFW. She’s the champion and she feels like she doesn’t get enough attention for it so she accuses a well-known superstar of stealing her gimmick to get more people to notice her.

Charlotte’s response seems to suggest that she doesn’t agree with Sienna’s claim and that’s to be expected. No one is going to come out and admit they ripped off someone’s gimmick. So, we’ll see if anything else comes from this story.

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