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Cody Rhodes Gives Kevin Owens Props

Cody Rhodes giving props to Kevin Owens? LovelyChicYassi, via Flickr


Cody Rhodes Deems Kevin Owens a ‘Dusty Guy’

On November 25, the same day as WWE Starrcade, Cody Rhodes was asked by a fan on Twitter about a possible appearance at the event.

This was due to Cody being the son of Dusty Rhodes who passed in 2015 and is known for performing in WCW; in the Greensboro Coliseum. The current Ring of Honor World Champion would answer no to the fan but noted that Tye Dillinger and Kevin Owens were performing instead, labeling them as ‘Dusty Guys‘.

Kevin Owens responded.

Dusty Rhodes became the head creative writer/director for NXT in 2013 before his passing two years later.

Tye Dillinger has remained in the WWE since 2013, as well as Kevin Owens in 2014. Both WWE Superstars have had a relationship with “The American Dream” when they started WWE in NXT.

Writer’s Thoughts

I’m happy to see that Cody Rhodes appreciates what his father has laid down for this generation of wrestlers in the WWE. Whereas, Cody’s not fixated on (corporate) WWE itself, due to the recent legal feud Bullet Club has had with WWE.

Please comment below and tell me your thoughts instead!

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