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Comedian Tells The Rock That Wrestling Isn’t Real, It Doesn’t Go Well

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Comedian Tells The Rock That Wrestling Isn’t Real, It Doesn’t Go Well

Almost two weeks ago, Kurt Angle made his return to a WWE ring for the first time in 11 years. Current and former WWE superstars expressed their excitement and support for Angle. Including, the peoples champ The Rock.

The Rock tweeted out his support to Angle and to congratulate him on his return. However, once The Rock sent out that tweet, he was met with some words from Australian Comedian Ben Pobjie. Pobjie jokingly replied to the tweet by telling The People’s Champ that wrestling is fake. What he didn’t expect was a reply back.

In response to the Australian comedian, Rock acknowledged that wrestling wasn’t real. He also jokingly told the comedian to go F@#K himself. At this moment, Pobjie knew he messed up.

This twitter conversation ended with both parties having a good laugh about the whole exchange. However, Pobjie learned one important lesson from all of this. Never tell The Rock that wrestling is fake.


This was hysterical. I must have read over their exchange five times and I really enjoyed it each time. This was just funny banter between two very funny people.

I keep thinking how Pobjie could’ve reacted when he saw The Rock replied to his tweet. He had to be excited until he saw what the reply was. At that point, he had to be fearing for his life a little. This exchange obviously was in good fun.

However, I’m sure that more people know who Pobjie is after this exchange. An up and coming comedian who had a very public conversation with one of the most famous people on the planet. That’s one way for people to start hearing your name.

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