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Confirmed: Liv Morgan and Enzo Amore Split; Another Star Interested?

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Liv Morgan Might Not be Single for Long!

Liv Morgan is a current regular face on the NXT roster. The pretty blonde had been quietly dating the smack-talking, sky-walking Enzo Amore for quite awhile. However, a few weeks back, TSJ reported that Enzo Amore had been doing some eyebrow-raising things. When a series of tweets were sent out by a stripper known as “Queen Bee,” speculation began that things weren’t going so well for the pair.

Morgan hasn’t said a thing about Amore’s ridiculous antics. She hasn’t said anything about his split from Cass. She hasn’t said a thing about his run as a Cruiserweight. It’s almost as though he doesn’t exist at all in Liv-Land.

Well, apparently the pair actually did break up. It’s not known exactly what sparked the split, however Corey Graves mentioned during a RAW recap last week that Enzo cheats on his girlfriend:

“Enzo cheats on his taxes, cheats on his girlfriend, cheats in a tag match,” Graves commented.

And, just this weekend, she finally publicly revealed that she is no longer with Enzo. Tweeting a short video of herself, WWE UK star, Tyler Bate, was quick to comment on her smiling face:

Me knowing that I’m single and nobody cheating on me

8:44 PM – Sep 9, 2017

She then re-tweeted a reply from Bate:

I like ur face

The two bantered on like that for awhile. Naturally, the internet blew up. Although any kind of romance between the pair is complete speculation at this point, it’s still fun to see play out.


Additionally, if Enzo Amore actually did cheat on Liv, like she stated, that’s really too bad. That scenario also lines up with the commentating by Cory Graves, too. That may be confirmation that infidelity ruined things between them.


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