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Daniel Bryan on the WWE’s Current Presentation

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Smackdown Live General Manager, and former WWE Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan recently spoke with NBC Sports about a number of topics; including fatherhood and his current role as the General Manager for “the blue brand.”

For the most part, Bryan was light hearted and positive with his comments.

But when asked about the current presentation of the WWE; his tone changed significantly.

“I think a change of presentation is absolutely necessary,” Bryan said. “I think the way that we present our superstars probably needs to change,”

He then proceeded to liken what he would like to see from the WWE product to that of the UFC. The change the WWE made years ago; from the backstage vignette and pretaped interview to a more in ring live promo had a negative impact on fans becoming as invested as they once were; he said.

Examples of the pretaped vignette

Bryan cited the current pairing of Tyler Breeze and Fandango; the pair have been allowed to let their personalities shine through a series of pretaped vignettes.

He said that if many talents are allowed to let their personality show; the fans would care a lot more about the characters. He also used NXT’s Roderick Strong as an example. Strong was  featured in a series of vigettes on NXT TV before the most recent NXT Takeover special.

Vignettes like these and backstage interview segments allow the fans to see more of the characters of the different talents than just what is shown in the; often times; scripted in ring promos that many feel are too rehearsed and not genuine in the same way that the backstage and pretaped interviews can be.

I think changing that dynamic and highlighting the personalities is something we really need to do,” Bryan said. “Now, I don’t know how we do it. I think if anybody has a magic answer of what the best way is to present personalities in this modern day of television, they’d make millions of dollars, so I may not have the answer.”

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