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More Details on Dolph Ziggler’s New Contract

Dolph Ziggler Courtney Rose, via Flickr


Updates on Dolph Ziggler’s New WWE Contract

TSJ recently reported that despite rumors of leaving the company, Dolph Ziggler will be a mainstay on the roster. This is an interesting change of events after he vacated the WWE United States Championship, making it truly look like he would move on.

As we saw, he surprisingly returned at this year’s Royal Rumble event at the number 30 spot.  He reportedly accepted a fabulous offer from the WWE. This offer is a large amount of money. Additionally, he will be able to leave the arena after his matches. The true selling point to Ziggler was that he would be allowed to pursue other interests while contracted with the company.

So, how much extra money is Dolph looking to earn? Sports Illustrated released details on that, stating that Ziggler is looking to get paid a cool 1.5 million dollars per year for the next two years. This means Brock Lesnar and John Cena are the only two Superstars who make more than him on a base salary. What’s more interesting is that those two are only part-time performers. This makes Dolph the highest paid full-time Superstar in the company.

And rightfully so. He’s been with the company for nearly 14 years now, but hasn’t seen a huge return on that loyalty. This amount of money should offer some kind of proof that he’s seen as a necessity. Clearly, the WWE sees the amount of talent Dolph Ziggler has. Additionally, he’s a pro at putting over new stars, so he’s someone they should pay to keep around.

Many fans were in disbelief that Ziggler would even bother. After all, he could do amazing things in New Japan or Ring of Honor. But it’s tough to pass up that amount of money, with added bonuses…isn’t it?

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