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Dolph Ziggler Apparently Signs a New WWE Contract

Dolph Ziggler Ahmed Bloch, via Flickr


Dolph Ziggler Apparently Signs a New WWE Contract

Yesterday, it came into light that Dolph Ziggler is continuing his status as a WWE Superstar. According to independent wrestler/personality Bin Hamin, the former World Champion has signed another contract. This contract with the WWE is good for at least two years.

But this is a curious change of events. After all, at the Night of Champions pay-per-view, Dolph defeated Bobby Roode and then Baron Corbin (c) for the WWE United States Championship. In a very bizarre fashion, Dolph would forfeit the belt only two days after earning it. He said that the fans didn’t deserve him, placing the belt in the center of the ring before walking out.

Although that was only kayfabe, it isn’t much of a secret that Ziggler has been unhappy with the role he’s taken in the WWE. He’s generally used to put over younger talent, entering into feuds with NXT call-ups for literally no reason other than because he’s a believable talent. He hasn’t been afforded many opportunities, and fans speculate that maybe a different promotion would be a better fit. After all, Dolph isn’t showing any signs of ring rust.

Bin stated in his podcast, The Locker Room, that Dolph was “two feet out the door” at the end of his contract. However, he was offered a new 2-year contract that is worth an unbelievable amount of money. Dolph also had a clause in the contract that sold him on it. He will be allowed to take in other projects outside of the WWE, and they will not be in conflict with his new schedule.

What’s Next for Ziggler?

Things may be looking brighter for Dolph’s future. Unfortunately, he’s never quite gotten back to the top of the mountain. But, having him return as the #30 entrant spot at the Royal Rumble may be a sign of good things to come for him.

Right now, the word is that Dolph will return to Smackdown Live this week. He’ll be facing off against Baron Corbin. The winner of the match will move on, being added to the Championship match at Fastlane.

As much as I’d love for Dolph to regain his traction with the WWE, I can’t see him being a champion within a two-year time span. Maybe the United States Champion, but that’s it. There are far too may other intriguing prospects at this point. I fear that the WWE has done well to waste away Ziggy.

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