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Early Wrestlemania Match Card Predictions You Haven’t Seen Yet

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Early Wrestlemania Match Card Predictions

With the end of the wrestling season drawing near, fans are beginning to speculate what the next step for the company is going to be. Who is going to be the winner of the Royal Rumble, gliding down the road to Wrestlemania stardom? Will we see Jinder Mahal regain his championship during the WWE’s India tour before then? Well, as it turns out, there are some leaks that are currently being talked about behind the scenes. Here are a handful of Wrestlemania match card predictions you haven’t seen yet.

The Winner of the Royal Rumble

No, it isn’t Roman Reigns. Right now, the hopes are that Daniel Bryan will be formally cleared to wrestle by the WWE doctor. From there, he will enter the rumble as a surprise entrant…and win.

Now, if he is still not ready to compete, the WWE writers are looking to finally tap their second choice, Shinsuke Nakamura, into the main event. What’s even better, though, is that there are currently no plans for Jinder Mahal to regain the WWE title before this event. This means fans have the opportunity to see either Daniel Bryan or Nakamura take on WWE champion, AJ Styles. Now, how’s that for a dream match?

The Phenom Will Rise Again

This one is kind of…meh. I don’t know, I love ‘Taker, but I don’t care to see him wrestle again after his supposed “retirement” at the hands or Roman. The only thing that makes sense is if he returned to take on both Lesnar and Reigns for a belt. However, that doesn’t seem to be the direction the company is going in.

Instead, they are looking to an Era vs Era match between the Undertaker and John Cena. Perhaps the seeds for this will be planted at this Sunday’s Survivor Series.

The Universal Title

Okay, this one is pretty much a no-brainer. Everyone saw this coming: Lesnar vs Reigns. But does anyone really care to see it? Also, that means Lesnar is hanging on to the title for a long time yet. But, expect Reigns to have yet another Wrestlemania moment when he wins it back.

The Four Horsewomen

Another one that has been talked about, and will likely come true, is our WWE four horsewomen taking on the UFC ladies. With Ronda Rousey seen training at the NXT Performance Center, the hopes are becoming a reality. Finally, we’ll see Rousey, Marina Shafir, Shayna Baszler, and Jessamyn Duke take on our beloved Charlotte, Sasha Banks, Bayley, and Becky Lynch.

However, I wouldn’t expect the NXT women to win this one…

Additionally, am I the only one who doesn’t care to see the MMA crossover into the WWE?

Family Affairs

Like father, like son. Except that Jason Jordan seemingly has the charisma of an autumn leaf these days.

Maybe that’s why the creative team is looking to set him up against the Olympic Hero, Kurt Angle. Turning JJ heel would be a fantastic move at this point. He has huge potential in the ring, but for some reason can’t quite connect with the crowd.

If the WWE still wants to run with the awful father/son storyline, having Jordan snap would be great. Make him angry for all the years that Daddy Kurt was out of his life. Clearly, using JJ as a babyface isn’t working. Or, perhaps the fact that they keep trying to pair him up with Elias in the ring is why he’s falling flat.

Kurt would likely be putting Jordan over, and this will be a great match. Oh, it’s true.

Dean Ambrose Goes Unhinged

The cracks in the foundation of the Shield is already there. With Roman Reigns being out for a significant amount of time, the former tag team champions haven’t really gotten the exposure initially expected. And sure, we all knew it wouldn’t last for long.

The WWE has already teased the fact that Ambrose doesn’t trust Rollins. Personally, I’d like Rollins to go heel again because Dean Ambrose plays such a great speaking role. However, I know that his character has gotten stale and even Dean himself doesn’t enjoy the babyface nearly as much.

It’s unclear when he will finally turn on Seth, but surely it will be soon. This match, however, is a bit of a repeat. We’ve already seen it. Luckily, Dean and Seth know each other’s strengths well and will be able to put on yet another good show. Perhaps we’ll really get to see the lunatic side of Ambrose emerge.

So, guys, there we have it. These are only a few rumors, but so far, they all seem both plausible and fairly decent. As always, there are sure to be other shocks and surprises around the corner for the WWE Universe.

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