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Enzo Amore Gets Serious Heat From….a Stripper?

Enzo Amore Daid Meadows via Flickr


Stripper Goes on a Rant About Enzo Amore

Whatta we got over here? Looks like a hater. Well, kind of. Apparently, over the weekend, Enzo Amore got blasted via social media. A stripper called “Queen Bee” went on a total rant regarding an alleged experience with the ‘Certified G.’ The woman’s location is listed as Buffalo, New York. The WWE had a live event held there on Friday night.

Now, the original text is hard to read as Queen Bee’s writing is truly awful. First of all, she claims that Enzo Amore showed up to the club “high af.” He was looking for a girl to take home. Then, that Enzo was enamored with black girls’ butts. Queen Bee says she wanted to bank off from that fact alone. But they hit a barrier when she said she doesn’t really drink or smoke. Enzo was full of himself by claiming to me rich and famous. She admits that she didn’t recognize his name, though. She says she didn’t say anything because she really wanted the money off from him.

But rather than the thousands of bucks he claimed to have, Enzo Amore gave the stripper ten dollars’ worth of ones. Hoping there was more where that came from, Queen Bee continued to force conversation. She asked Enzo for a picture. That was turned down quickly, as Enzo stated he didn’t want to be circulating around TMZ.

Straight from the Queen’s Mouth

So, again, Queen Bee’s writing is tough to read. The entire writing can be found here. Anyways, here’s an excerpt of how their evening wrapped up:

“It was 330a. I wanted to hit my $1k goal i was a couple hundred short. Surely this #wwe dude had it? Because he kept saying he did. He told me i was the total package. Face. Body. Personality. Yay! Am i securing the bag? Then Enzo said its a shame i dont smoke 😑 ok so  i move the convo to common ground. ‘Actually growing up i wanted to be a #wwfDiva so bad’. ‘How did you get into it?’ He pointed at himself. ‘Look at me. Im a rockstar. I got the look’ 😐😐😐. Then Enzo says ‘yeah a lot of my #wwe coworkers definitely started on the pole for sure’… i told him i had to talk to thr dj and bounced.”

Queen Bee additionally says Enzo is wack, and also that she’s going to get breakfast with the ten bucks he gave her.

So, What’s the Truth?

Do you think this is a total lie? I admit, at first, I did, too. My big issue was that Enzo was quietly dating Liv Morgan, so why would he be interested in any stripper? Well, as it turns out, Enzo and Liv broke up just a few months ago. She moved out of his Orlando home and he moved to Los Angeles. Also, a friend of one of the club’s waitresses confirms the story.

I find it interesting that Enzo was flaunting all this money to her. I also wondered if maybe she only tried to impress him by claiming she had once wanted to be a WWE superstar. Haven’t we all had that fleeting thought? Anyways, maybe Enzo gave her ten bucks because he wasn’t interested. Ten bucks to disappear, more or less.

Unfortunately, I actually think this story is mostly true. Especially if Liv Morgan is a thing of the past. But what do you guys think? Is Enzo  a cheapskate at the club? Or, do you believe the whole story blown out of proportion? Do you think Enzo was even in the club at all? And, could this enough for Enzo to get a wellness drug test?

Do you think we’ll be lucky enough to have a stripper joke on Monday Night Raw, too?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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