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Enzo or Cass – Who’s Turning on Who?

Enzo Miguel Discart Via


The Background

Raw viewers have seen, over the last few weeks, someone has been attacking Enzo and Cass. As soon as the first attack on Enzo took place, speculation began. A clip of the Revival walking in the background of a Bayley interview seemed to point towards their imminent return. An angry tirade directed at GM Kurt Angle from Cass caused some to question the sincerity from the 7 foot tall certified “G”. After a second attack on Enzo occurred, Cass vowed not to leave the side of his fallen teammate. Then, ahead of a match against Gallows and Anderson, Big Cass was found laid out and covered in rubble. The immediate thought would be that it had to be Gallows and Anderson. But was it actually someone more shocking.

Booking Cass for the Future

Vince McMahon has long expressed interest in Big Cass having a solo run. He is enamored with his size and athleticism. It stands to reason that Big Cass carrying out these heinous attacks on his partner would be a way to instantly make him a top heel. Theoretically, he could have attacked Enzo and then faked his own to throw off the fans. It would solidify Cass as a devious character willing to do anything. Instantly, WWE would have a huge behemoth to push to the top of the Raw roster.

The Other Options

Outside of Cass, who else could be responsible? The Revival would make a lot of sense as they have been off TV due to injury. Using Gallows and Anderson would work as well except that a feud between the two teams has been done repeatedly. There has been some interesting banter between Kurt Angle and Cass. Could the GM be behind it? In addition, Corey Graves has had cryptic moments the past several weeks which make him a possibility.

Enzo – Could it Be?

The shocking option could be right in front of us. What if Enzo was the one staging his own attacks to look weak? Could he pull off such a complex plot? It would be a safe way to get something out of a talent that has earned a reputation as being the side kick who gets tossed around like a rag doll. Enzo may be able to contribute so much more as a heel. He can talk like Piper, has the tenacity of Mr. Perfect, and knows how to get the crowd going. Would WWE really turn one of their biggest crowd pleasers? ABSOLUTELY! WWE will reveal all soon but I wouldn’t be surprised if the culprit turns out to be a Certified “G” and a Bonafide Stud, and you can’t teach that.


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