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Eva Marie Says Goodbye to the WWE

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Eva Marie and the WWE Officially Part Ways

An unpopular opinion, maybe, but I’m kind of disappointed that this happened. Sure, it was going to happen sooner or later. After Eva Marie was taken off from Total Divas, it was basically a done deal. Love her or hate her, the woman was able to get serious heat from the fans.

Today, both Eva Marie and the WWE officially announced the departure. Eva Marie tweeted:

Today I’m saying a bittersweet goodbye to WWE. Thanks to the entire team, and YOU, my fans, for these 4 years! #AllRedEverythingForever

Eva Marie often gets ripped on for her (lack of) in-ring ability. However, fans often forget that she was never supposed to be a wrestler. In fact, she won a role on the E! hit reality television show Total Divas. Because of her role in the show, she was thrust into a world despite having very little interest in it. Eva has admitted to only using the WWE as a stepping stone to something bigger: Hollywood.

Eva began as a “manager” to the Bella Twins upon signing with the company in 2013. She would make some appearances in the ring, even beating former Divas champ, AJ Lee, at a point. Eva would gain a personal trainer in Brian Kendrick, as documented in some of the Total Divas episodes. During the draft last July, Eva was drafted to Smackdown Live.

But Eva hasn’t been seen in the WWE in just under a year. She was, unfortunately, suspended for her first wellness policy violation in August of 2016. In the meantime, she’s been busy both filming movies and launching her own clothing line. Under the same agent as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, she’s been slowly climbing the ranks within Hollywood.

The Writer’s Take

I don’t know about you, but I prefer Eva Marie over Lana by a landslide. It’s really unfortunate that the WWE was never able to capitalize on the Red Queen. And even though I realize that Total Divas is pretty darn scripted, it still kind of sucked to see Eva go. After all, she’s great at bringing drama and chaos to the other women.

Although Eva won’t be seen in the WWE anymore, I’ll certainly be keeping an eye on her. I think that seeing her achieve her dream of stardom will be well worth it, even if her WWE career didn’t pan out the way I’d hoped. Thank you, Eva Marie, for working your tail off to prove people wrong. #AllRedEverythingForever.

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