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Prediction: WWE Fatal4Way Championship Match at SummerSlam

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SummerSlam, second-biggest pay-per-view of the year, is just around the corner, and expected to be a jam-packed show. The Main Event for the SummerSlam is going to be a Fatal4Way Match for The Universal Championship.

The champion Brock Lesnar will be going up against another 3 super heavyweights Braun Strowman, Roman Reigns and Samoa Joe. There will be more than 1,200 pounds of mass in this match.

There is no better time for all four men to wage war, for the summer spectacle, which is the right call. It’s the biggest main event in recent memory, and the SummerSlam is the perfect place.

The Story goes…

Reigns and Joe were inserted into a match to determine the number 1 contender for the Universal Championship at Summerslam.

But the match was disrupted by Braun Strowman. In the aftermath of the chaos, Kurt Angle booked a Fatal-4-Way match for Summerslam in Brooklyn.

There’s a three-way contest on next week Raw, featuring every single man in this match, except the Universal Champion, Brock Lesnar. However, the Beast Incarnate has been advertised for that show, so expect him to play a part in the finish of this match.

The Question is who will win?

There is no secret that the reason WWE made this match is because it’s easier for Lesnar to drop the title. And return to the Octagon to have a “super fight” with newly crowned UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones.

Another reason is that, this way WWE can either give the title to Braun Strowman or Samoa Joe. I don’t think WWE is going to give the title to Roman Reigns yet. But it’s all up to Meekmahan, and everybody knows who his favorite star is.

WWE might want another post-wrestlemania like reaction, from the crowd, for Reigns.

SummerSlam Winner, Writer’s Pick-

  1. Braun Strowman

Strowman and Reigns feud that never ends and it’s turned him into the next big thing. Even the fans are behind him because he’s the only one who destroyed the Big Dog.

He will be the human wrecking ball at SummerSlam because that’s what he does best. And will crush anything that gets in his way.

The monster among men, once followed Bray Wyatt, is now three-count away from becoming the second top title-holder in WWE. 

        2. Samoa Joe

Joe knows how to take his time and work the crowd, and to incorporate his own brand of psychology in a match. His “seek-and-destroy” method works every time, and it makes him a man to be fear between the ropes.

His fearlessness separates him from many other heels who would rather run than throw hands. Fans cheers Joe for this, and no matter how much he spews hate at the crowd, the fans love him.

His last PPV match with Lesnar proved that he can be the next Universal Champion.

         3. Roman Reigns

Reigns doesn’t need much introduction since everyone from the WWE Universe knows who he is. The company has invested so much time, money and effort into The Big Dog just to tear him down now. He will be the Universal champion, and he will reign atop WWE with the title.

But will he win it at SummerSlam?

WWE might go with Super Cena vs Mighty Reigns for the Universal Champion at Wrestlemania 34. But Reigns has a lot time to beat a heel champion before Wrestlemania, so he’s not a favorite to win.

Sorry Roman Reigns’ Fans.

~~~So my pick is “THE MONSTER AMONG MEN” Braun Strowman!~~~


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