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Former WWE Superstar Accused of Preying on Young Males, Update on GTS Ban

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Former WWE Superstar Accused of Preying on Young Males

An interesting note from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter was that of the current whereabouts of a former WWE Superstar. Orlando Jordan, who is now 43 years old, has been living in Australia since 2012. There, he’s been working for a promotion called Battle Championship Wrestling.

However, according to Dave Meltzer, he isn’t getting work with many other promotions in the country. He says that most promotions would not use him. Although Meltzer didn’t go into detail, there is plenty of speculation. This very well may be that he’s got a bad reputation. The Australian wrestling community doesn’t think too fondly of him.

Earlier this year, Australian wrestler, Karl Infirri, claimed Jordan preyed on a group of underage male teens. Those young men were a part of a backyard wrestling group that Infirri was involved with.

According to Infirri, Orlando Jordan would ask the boys to go to the zoo, have dinner with him, and even head to see a movie together. Infirri also claimed that Jordan would offer the kids $50 just to let him “grab their a–“. Additionally, Infirri has screenshots as evidence that Orlando has pursued young male teens via Facebook.

He goes on to say that Jordan is likely banned for life from the promotion because of his actions.

The GTS Now Banned?

After a lot of ill-timed injuries, Hideo Itami finally made his way to the cruiserweight division, 205Live. Although he’s only had three matches with the roster (two of them were on TV), we may see a huge change in his performance very soon.

That’s because this week, he faced off against the ‘Wizard of Odd,’ Brian Kendrick. Itami did finish of Kendrick, but his “go-to-sleep” finisher might have connected just a little more than it was supposed to. Although the fans thought that Kendrick was really selling the move, that doesn’t seem to be the case. Unfortunately, Kendrick was sent to the hospital following the match.

WWE has stated that Kendrick suffered an orbital bone fracture as well as one to his nasal bridge. This means the company will likely change its stance on the dangerous GTS finisher.

It should be noted that the same finisher did damage to Austin Aries’ eardrum as well.

That being said, we saw Itami use the Rings of Saturn as a finisher during his match against Gentleman Jack. That looks like a clear ending to the GTS.

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