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Former WWE Employee Calls Out the Company For Unequal Pay for Women

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Former WWE Employee Calls Out Company For Unequal Pay

In this day and age, gender equality is a hot topic among the big leagues. After all, we have seen Hillary Clinton take a stab at becoming our first female president on multiple occasions. With that comes the ever-controversial “equal pay for equal work” stance. Interestingly enough, even the WWE has to negate allegations that they are unfair and unequal with their pay. It’s happened before, and now, it happened again.

AJ Lee Called Out the Same Issue Two Years Ago

If anyone recalls, former Divas champion AJ Lee actually called out Stephanie McMahon a few years ago via Twitter. AJ pointed out that Stephanie was being hypocritical in regards to a women’s rights statement:

AJ’s response was spiteful, yet intriguing:

Another Person Calls Out the WWE

Obviously, it wasn’t exactly received well by the Billion-Dollar Princess. So, it is safe to say that the fighting words from former WWE makeup artist Stella Kaye aren’t going to go unnoticed.

Stella Kaye recently called out WWE on Twitter as well for the same issues:

“As people become more socially aware in this country, I wonder if WWE will ever address equal pay for women,” Stella wrote. “They risk their lives and bodies just the same, just to make substantially less that male talent.”

She also addressed a recent report that revealed Nikki Bella as the highest paid female athlete on the roster. She makes a generous $400,000 per year. However, it doesn’t look like much compared to the highest of her male counterpart, who makes a $12 million per year salary.

She responded to a fan via Twitter as well who said that women shouldn’t receive equal pay because the women don’t earn the equal pay-per-view buys as the men. She said:

“But have they ever truly been given an equal opportunity to do these things? People use these same kind of tired excuses for not booking black models or extending foundation ranges. Let’s call it what it is…inequality.”

Additionally, she also revealed some of the men on NXT make much more than the main roster. WWE has yet to comment on her allegations.

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