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Have the Hardy Boyz “Awoken”???

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Matt Hardy Teases Being “Awoken” After RAW

Since their return at Wrestlemania, Matt and Jeff Hardy have teased their broken brilliance continuously. After this week’s Raw, it looks like the Hardy Boyz have awoken! Matt Hardy said after Raw that the Hardy’s have been awoken and followed that by posting the same thing to Twitter. 

Awoken is not broken but it seems to be the same gimmick with a different name. By not calling the gimmick broken, WWE may have found a way to use it on programming without legal trouble from Anthem Sports & Entertainment. This could work because Anthem has filed a trademark for the broken characters. So if Matt and Jeff call themselves awoken, that doesn’t go under Anthem’s trademark.

This is a great sign for people who want to see the gimmick that basically revived the Hardy’s career. This sounds like the change in personality that the WWE universe has been waiting for. Fans of the gimmick will be on the edge of their seats to watch what comes next.


As a huge fan of the Hardy’s, I’m really excited to see where this goes. Watching the broken gimmick was the only reason why I was interested in watching Impact Wrestling (now Global Force). Once I saw them return to WWE at Wrestlemania, I was really excited to see the broken gimmick. Sadly, that hasn’t happened yet.

But, watching the interview with the Hardy’s after Raw this past week was exciting because we saw more of the broken gimmick from Matt than we ever have before in WWE. So for people who have been waiting for the gimmick to arrive, it finally may be that time!

From the looks of it, exciting things are coming up for Team Extreme and it shall be DELIGHTFUL!

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