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Hideo Itami Interested in Parting Ways with the WWE?

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Hideo Itami

Hideo Itami, real name Kenta Kobayashi and the master of the GTS, currently works in Triple H’s NXT territory. But his run in WWE NXT hasn’t lived up to expectations. Well, more like an unfortunate set of circumstances and bad luck.

Being a Major Star in Japan

When Itami signed with WWE in July 2014, his signing was made to look like an enormous event because he is a big name in Japan. WWE even had Hulk Hogan preside over it, just to give it an extra layer of importance.

All of these things happened to give off one message: KENTA, or Hideo Itami, is going to be one of the next big things in NXT.

Fast Forward to 2017

There have been significant injuries for Itami including major shoulder surgery in 2015 that put him on the shelf for a year. He also suffered a neck injury that has crippled what little momentum he had. It’s bad enough that the injuries happen just as the NXT brand undergoes a massive evolution from the developmental brand to arguably the best WWE weekly program.

Surpassed by his Fellow Japanese Wrestlers

Since he joined the company, other Japanese stars like Shinsuke Nakamura and Asuka joined in the years that followed, yet they have become much bigger stars. Additionally, they became champions in NXT, and are now on the main roster.

According to PWInsider, creatives have been pitching to put Itami in the Cruiserweight division and on 205 Live several times, but there isn’t a set date for when it might happen.

Only once has he debuted on the main roster, and it was during the WrestleMania 31 battle royal in 2015. He didn’t win, but it was a great moment for him, and WWE did make an amazing video about it.

Hideo Itami turns HEEL…

He’s been a face for most of his WWE run, but his heel turn shows another side of him this year. And he is thriving in that role! Adding in his abilities, Hideo can have a great match with anybody.

But sadly, according to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the 36-year-old Japanese Superstar may be finished with the WWE. This is likely to be because his run with the promotion has been wasted by several injuries.

Apparently, his contract with WWE ends later this year, and it’s highly likely that he may return to Japan to perform for an organization in his homeland.

Writer’s View:

I think he should give Cruiserweight Division a try, but just like Tajiri… once he’s back in his hometown Japan, he will be a bigger star like he once was than in WWE. So I wish the best for him to his future even if he’s staying or leaving WWE.

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