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Injury Update: Jeff Hardy

Jeff Hardy Jessica Hogan, via Flickr


The last time we saw WWE Superstar Jeff Hardy was on the episode of Raw on September 18, 2017. That was for a 6 pack challenge for the Interconntential Championship contender spot. Hardy went inactive due to having surgery to repair a torn rotation cuff.

Jeff Hardy Update

There is no set return to when he will return, but he has been medically cleared by doctors. Hardy hasn’t been cleared by WWE officials yet, but we could see him return soon.


Could we see him make an appearance at Wrestlemania? His brother Matt Hardy who happens to be known as “Woken” Matt Hardy, has no set match at Wrestlemania. However, he did challenge Bray Wyatt on this week’s raw to The Ultimate Deletion Match. The match will take place in Cameron, North Carolina, at the Hardy compound. The compound match will pre-taped but, will be shown on Raw more than likely.

Is there a possibility we could see Jeff return for the deletion match? Hardy could return to the compound to help his brother. Will this be the start of Brother Nero? This would so totally throw Bray Wyatt, by not expecting to see Jeff there.

When do you think Jeff Hardy will return? Will it be at Wrestlemania? Could he help out Matt out by deleting Wyatt for good? Feel free to comment below and let us know what you think!

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