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Jason Jordan Injured and Pulled from Live Events, Possible Debut Spoiler for Royal Rumble?

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Jason Jordan Injured, Pulled from Live Events

Love him or hate him, good ‘ol JJ has really been doing a great job generating heat as of late. Although unfortunate, Jason Jordan was finally able to gain traction following Dean Ambrose’s untimely injury. Because of that, he was able to team up with Seth Rollins. And it looks like finally, his character is finding a decent stride.

But even Daddy Kurt can’t prevent injuries. But, as per PW Insider, Jordan missed the last two house show events in Texas because of an injury of his own. Now, the injury hasn’t been revealed yet. Hopefully, it isn’t anything too serious. Especially since so many superstars are already plagued with harrowing injuries as it is.

As far we know, JJ is still scheduled to defend his tag team titles at the Royal Rumble along with Rollins. They’ll be stepping into the ring with Sheamus and Cesaro. Expect the match to be grueling.

It will be interesting to see if Rollins and JJ will finally be able to coexist. So far, it seems that they’re not quite on the same page. However, Sheamus in Cesaro got off to a rocky start at first as well.

On another note, we could see a Jason Jordan heel turn coming quickly. Using Kurt Angle as a reason to slide into main-event positioning isn’t exactly out of the question yet.

Possible Spoiler for Debut at Royal Rumble

It is not a secret that EC3 (Ethan Carter III) recently departed from Impact. Of course, he’s not the only one that’s bowed out of the company as of late. Fans are expecting EC3 to be heading to the WWE soon. However, it look like he’ll be heading there sooner rather than later.

The Renegade Wrestling Revolution promotion in Houston announced that EC3 won’t be appearing on a show that takes place on Sunday, January 28th. Interestingly enough, the cancellation of this appearance is on the same day as the Rumble.

It might be because it would be a direct conflict with a contract from the WWE. But, it has led to plenty of speculation that EC3 will actually be debuting at the Royal Rumble as a surprise entrant.

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