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Jason Jordan wasn’t WWE First Pick for Seth Rollins’s New Partner

Jason Jordan wasn't the first choice for Ambrose's replacement? Shared, via Flickr


The company known as World Wrestling Entertainment keeps its fans guessing. It has been confirmed that Jason Jordan, was not the first pick to be Seth Rollins’s new tag team partner. Who did they have in mind? It was none other then Finn Balor. That’s right you heard me. Finn Balor.

Jason Jordan: Tag Team Champion

Balor was the original pinpoint for the tag team titles. However, it was Jason Jordan who got the chance. Last week on Raw, Seth Rollins became 3x tag team champion; with his new partner Jordan. They successful defeated The Bar(Sheamus and Cesaro) and became the New Raw Tag Team Champions. There has been a long-term heel turn being teased for Jordan. This heel turn has been put on hold until Rollins and Jordan go their separate ways.

Lets Talk Balor Club

For all the Finn Balor fans, its been a frustrating year. It has been crazy for the “Demon King” himself. Why is it like this you ask? It started with Balor being booked to face Brock Lesnar at Royal Rumble, for the WWE Universal Championship. Vince McMahon decided to pull that because he thought Balor wasn’t over enough. Which in terms means not good enough. Balor currently finds himself feuding with The Miztourage on the Raw’s lower-mid card. We also see him taking the open challenges of Curt Hawkins. Finn Balor is one of the top WWE Superstars right now, however, we don’t see him getting a spotlight anytime soon.

Writer’s Thoughts

I am a Finn Balor fan, I am honestly frustrated with this. Don’t get me wrong, nothing against Jason Jordan, he is good, but how good? Just like any other superstar that gets hurt, and comes back gets thrown on the back burner. Balor has been working so hard to achieve, and rise to the top again; then he falls. WWE has good talent on their roster that they don’t use. It’s always the same people getting the better treatment. If I was a writer for the WWE. or heck even worked for the WWE, I would give everyone a chance.

For starters give the people a chance that don’t get it.  How long do you think Rollins and Jordan will be champs? Do you see Dean Ambrose returning as a heel? What do you think is the future for the WWE? Will Dean Ambrose take over for Jason Jordan after a return?Whats the future for the Raw Tag Team Championship? Feel free to comment below, and let us know what you think.

And for the record: Jason Jordan can honestly consider himself lucky. Dean Ambrose will be back and will regain his title. So keep it warm for him, Jordan!

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