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Jeff Hardy Gives a Health Update

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Jeff Hardy Gives a Health Update

Last week, The Hardy Boyz made a special appearance at WWE Starrcade. This was the first time that Jeff Hardy appeared in a ring since his shoulder surgery. After his appearance, Hardy gave an update on his rehab.

“So far so good, my physical therapist says it’s moving great, It doesn’t feel great, naturally it hurts, I can only do so much. But I’m on the right track, so, hopefully after another month I’ll be able to lift a little weight and start building up my chest and my arms. Hopefully, by April, I’ll be good to go and actually get back in the ring and do what Jeff Hardy loves to do.”

So it sounds like Hardy is on track with his recovery time. If he comes back on the shorter side of his recovery, that brings him to right around WrestleMania. While its possible, it doesn’t seem likely that Hardy will be ready for the biggest show of the year.

Hopefully Hardy’s recovery continues as planned and he comes back as soon as possible!


No surprise here. Jeff Hardy is recovering from a very serious injury. While I would love to see him back earlier than expected, Hardy is not a young man. It takes time for an injury that serious to heal properly. But it’s good to hear that his recovery is going as planned.

Like I’ve said in the past, my biggest worry with Hardy’s injury is what was going to happen to Matt. For the longest time I thought I was correct. Until this past Monday night on Raw when he finally seemed to go broken. Hopefully this storyline will keep Matt relevant until Jeff returns. Who knows? Maybe Brother Nero will debut on WWE TV in the future.

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