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Jeff Hardy To Miss Significant Time

Jeff Hardy out, due to a rotator cuff injury... Alexander Scott/ via


Jeff Hardy To Miss Significant Time With Shoulder Injury

Looks like we will be without one half of team extreme for the foreseeable future.

WWE announced that Jeff Hardy would miss time with a torn rotator cuff and torn labrum in his right shoulder. Hardy suffered the injury last week on Raw during the Six-Pack Challenge. It seemed like Hardy suffered the injury in the beginning of the match because it was clear he was struggling with his right arm for the second half of the match.

Since then, there had been rumors going around that Jeff was actually hurt after he didn’t wrestle at live events this past weekend. This was all just speculation until WWE sadly confirmed it Monday.

Hardy will be undergoing surgery to repair the shoulder on October 3rd.


This sucks. It’s gonna suck not having Jeff compete for awhile. But he’s optimistic that he’s gonna come back stronger than ever and we can only hope and pray that’s true.

Injuries are the worst part of any sport, all athletes deal with them at some point or another. Hardy said that in 25 years in the wrestling business, this is his first really bad injury. Hopefully, it’s his only really bad injury. I personally met Jeff a little more than a year ago and he was the nicest guy so this hurts me even more to see this happen to him. I’m hoping that he comes back sooner than everyone expects.

Let’s look at the positives though. Could this mean we can finally see Matt Hardy unleash his broken character on the WWE universe? If WWE is smart, this would be the perfect time to unleash Matt’s broken brilliance on the WWE roster. This will help keep him relevant until Jeff is back.

Until then, we here at TSJ wish Jeff Hardy a speedy recovery!

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