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Jeff Hardy Needs Second Shoulder Surgery

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Jeff Hardy Needs Second Shoulder Surgery

Recently, we were greeted with unfortunate news that Jeff Hardy would miss significant time with a shoulder injury. Sadly, there’s even more bad news.

Hardy is scheduled to have a second surgery on his right shoulder. This time, he will be fixing damage done to his labrum. With this surgery, as well as his rotator cuff surgery, Hardy will be out for 6-9 months.

Hardy was injured during the six-pack-challenge on Monday Night Raw on September 18th. There was immediate concern when Hardy didn’t perform at house shows that weekend. WWE then officially announced Hardy’s injury.


As if we needed more bad news. When WWE announced Hardy’s injury, it was clear that Royal Rumble was out. But after this second surgery, Wrestlemania is a huge question mark. With Hardy’s 6-9 month recovery time, the shorter end of that would bring him back right around Wrestlemania time. But with Hardy being 40 years old, it’s possible, if not likely, that he’ll need the full recovery time to return.

What’s also concerning is what could happen to Matt Hardy. This past Raw, Matt was Braun Strowman’s personal rag doll. If this is Matt’s future, then he won’t stay relevant for much longer. This would be a disappointment for fans looking to see the “broken” gimmick. Matt has been teasing it for months, and at this point, it feels like it’s never coming.

Long story short, Jeff can’t be back soon enough. Most people love the Hardy Boyz. But honestly, Jeff is the bigger attraction than Matt. That’s why I’m so concerned about Matt getting TV time. Without Jeff or the “broken” gimmick, Matt will get lost in the shuffle if he hasn’t already.

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