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Jeff Hardy Reportedly Training to Return to Ring, Why Sheamus can Wrestle Despite Spinal Issues

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Jeff Hardy Reportedly Training to Return to Ring

Awful injuries plagued the Superstars from the mid to end of 2017. From torn knees to torn shoulders, we haven’t seen Big Cass, Samoa Joe, Paige, or Jeff Hardy much on WWE programming. Luckily, it looks like a certain rainbow-haired warrior is looking to return to the ring.

According to Dave Meltzer, Jeff Hardy is likely to return to action “very soon.”

Jeff Hardy was in Birmingham, Alabama last Tuesday to be evaluated. He suffered a torn Labrum and torn rotator cuff in his shoulder. Jeff’s injury took place in October of last year. At first, his time on the shelf was about 6 months. Now, he’s training to get back into the ring.

Furthermore, Meltzer stated that Jeff would likely be paired back up with Matt Hardy. The belief is that they will be going after the RAW  tag team belts at WrestleMania.

Why is Sheamus able to Wrestle Injured?

During the mailbag segment of Dave Meltzer’s Wrestling Observer Radio, he was asked how serious Sheamus’s spinal issue is and why the WWE cleared him to wrestle.

Sheamus has spinal stenosis, and Meltzer says it will certainly get worse with age. The condition will affect him in not so great ways.

He also points out that while watching Sheamus, you don’t notice it. But, the problems will definitely shorten his career a great deal.

Ashley Sweetly Writes

On Jeff’s Return: Woo-hoo! I’m glad that Jeff’s likely to return soon. However, I don’t know if I like him pairing off with Matt Hardy. Part of me wishes that they’d feud. Then again, maybe going for some tag belts will give Matt Hardy something better to do than fight with Bray Wyatt. Ugh.

I do foresee the deletion of Brother Nero coming within the next year, though.

On Sheamus’ Injury: Okay, I take what Meltzer says with a grain of salt. But, did anyone else notice that he tip-toed around WHY the WWE is allowing Sheamus to wrestle? He basically said, “he looks fine, and it’s not affecting him right now.” Um, okay. Yet Daniel Bryan has been cleared, but isn’t able to get into the ring? Sounds like hoopla to me.

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