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Breaking News: Jeff Jarrett Confirmed for 2018 WWE Hall of Fame

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Breaking News: Jeff Jarrett Confirmed for 2018 WWE Hall of Fame

Jeff Jarrett is easily one of the greatest heels in wrestling history. His gimmick with smashing his guitar over unsuspecting heads of his opponents generated great heat. Not to mention, his arm candy, Debra, gained plenty of attention.

“Ain’t I great?” Jarrett used to croon into the microphone. And indeed, he was. He was the second-ever Euro-Continental Champion after defeating D’Lo Brown during SummerSlam. The match generated even more hate from fans, because D’Lo had been accompanied to the ring by Debra following a fight with Jarrett. Sadly, Debra turned on D’Lo during the match as well as D’Lo’s long-time friend, Mark Henry.

Because he wanted to prove his nobility, JJ awarded Debra an assistant, Miss Kitty, for helping him capture the belt. Additionally, Mark Henry was awarded the European belt for his role.

And let’s not forget. One of his greatest feuds included one in pursuit of the Intercontinental Championship. That feud was an aggressive one between Jarrett and Chyna, making WWE history. And, speaking of the IC belt, JJ held the record for the most reigns until Chris Jericho’s seventh reign in 2004.

There were also some not-so-great things that Jarrett did as well, including attacking females with his aforementioned guitar. Surely, the WWE will look past those moments, as things have certainly changed for the company since the mid to late 90s.

Of course, Jeff Jarrett has been busy with his business endeavors. While he’s stepped away from in-ring things, he was in an active role for Global Force Wrestling and Total Impact, which eventually merged.

The WWE announced today that Jeff Jarrett will be among those inducted into the 2018 Hall of Fame. He’ll be inducted along with the Dudley Boyz, Ivory, and of course, Goldberg.

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