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Jim Ross gives Motivational Speech to Dunne and Bates

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In a recent interview with Bleacher Report, WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross, reveals a motivational speech he gave. To whom was this speech for you ask? It was Tyler Bates and Pete Dunne. The speech was prior to their WWE United Kingdom Championship match at NXT Takeover: Chicago earlier this year. Ross tells Bleacher Report, that he saw the two guys, in catering backstage. Ross reveals he sees Tyler Bates, over here, and then I see Peter Dunne over there. I said to them; “You come here, Get over here, and they don’t know me from god-damned Adam”. I looked at them and said; ” I need to talk to you guys”. Ross mentions that their eyes got real big and were looking up at him. “They are great kids and I love these two kids.” Ross replied.

Jim Ross’s Motivation Speech

JIm Ross looks at them and gives the following speech:

You need to understand, this is probably the biggest night, of your career. You’ve heard that all day, right? You believe that right? Well here is something you haven’t heard. Today is also the biggest day of my career too. I’m coming back to work, and I plan on kicking some ass tonight; so you little bastards better give me something to work with.

He wanted them to understand the opportunity, they had doesn’t come along all the time. The timing, the lay of the land, the right place, and the right time.

Wrestling is a funny genre  for them.

Ross also replies with:

It happens to all of us. No matter, what we do in our lifetime, we have to understand; when there is an opportunity to better our lives, to help us professionally, to give us a little comfort in our daily lives. Go for it! There is no guarantee, it is gonna happen again.

Writer’s Thoughts

I think every up rising superstars in the WWE, should get motivational speeches from Hall of Famers, and legends. They will be able to learn new things, about the WWE. They can learn from past eras, and challenges that happens THEN, NOW, and FOREVER! What do you think of Jim Ross’s speech? Do you think Pete Dunne, and Tyler Bates will remember it? Feel free to comment below and lets us know what you think.

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