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Jimmy Jacobs Released by WWE For Photo-Op

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Jimmy Jacobs Is Released For Bullet Club Photo

After working nearly three years for the WWE as a creative writerJimmy Jacobs was released/fired by the promotion. This occurred on October 11th.

Jacobs’ termination was the cause of him posting a photo on social media, revealing himself accompanied with non-WWE Bullet Club members.

On this year’s September 25th live episode of Monday night Raw in Ontario of California, the New Japan Pro Wrestling stable “invaded” the event by assembling outside of the show’s venue.

Bullet Club stood outside of the Citizens Business Bank Arena, boasting about their brand and ranting against the WWE. Pro wrestling fans surrounded and supported the group.

The rant was led by the stable’s former WWE employee and Ring of Honor World Champion, Cody Rhodes.

During the incident, Jimmy Jacobs took a ‘selfie’ snapshot of himself with the “Biz-Cliz” members, Marty Scurll, Adam Page, and The Young Bucks. Jacobs then posted the picture on Instagram, showcasing the event.

Well over two weeks later, news broke out detailing Jimmy’s consequence for posting the picture.

Ironically, this occurred around when WWE issued a cease and desist letter to Bullet Club‘s (The) Young Bucks, Matt and Nick Jackson, for using the “two sweet” hand gesture.

The former Ring of Honor star, Jimmy Jacobs, was signed as a WWE creative writer in March of 2015.

Jacobs’ WWE corporate tenure now ends due to a public photo of him with one of pro wrestling’s hottest stables.

Jimmy Jacobs’ Response

Nonetheless, Jimmy Jacobs is making the best out of a bad situation. Whereas, he notified his Instagram followers about a new t-shirt.

This post clearly exploits how Jimmy Jacobs will be joining Bullet Club soon.

Writer’s Thoughts

I do not agree with Jimmy Jacobs’ release from the WWE under these circumstances.

Jacobs posted a harmless photo of his friends, who all have a long history with him.

However, Jimmy taking a picture, let alone publicizing the picture with Bullet Club was not a smart idea. Jacobs’ was part of WWE’s corporate creative team and shouldn’t of put his then-job at risk.

Feel free to comment below and tell me your thoughts instead!

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