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Ken Shamrock wants to return to WWE for a title match

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Ken Shamrock

Ken Shamrock, UFC Hall of Famer, and is a former WWE superstar in both WWE and TNA (now GFW). WWE has credited Shamrock with popularizing the ankle lock submission hold; later known as Kurt Angle’s The Angle Lock.

Angling for a WWE return,

Now 53 years young of age, the former UFC star drops all sorts of hints that he would welcome a return to the squared circle and relive the golden years of the Attitude Era. He has been out of the WWE for eighteen years now.

While he never gets the push, and becomes WWE champion during his time with the company; he’s still an integral part of their success in the Attitude Era. At the time no one on the roster was more real than Shamrock. He departed from WWE, late 1999, in order to resume his mixed martial arts career.

However, he has an unfinished business in WWE. Revealing more details about his wish to capture the heavyweight belt; “The World Most Dangerous Man” then extends an open challenge to Brock Lesnar, Kurt Angle and The Rock for a title bout; in an interview with The DELZ Show.

“In the WWF, or the WWE as they call it now, the one thing that I was not able to capture was that Heavyweight belt. And I’m telling you, I want a chance to be able to go after that belt. But only if, either Brock Lesnar has it, The Rock has it or Kurt Angle has it.”

He also stated that he could have done it before but The RocK had the belt and he ‘ran away’. Hence, he called out to his former WWE opponents and asked them to make it happen.

*There has been no response to Shamrock’s challenge as of now.*

Ken Shamrock Return: Writer’s Input,

With WWE interest in bringing back 50+ legends nowadays, Former UFC Champion has a chance to make one more run. But if he were to return now, Vince Mcmahon won’t let him beat Brock Lesnar or Kurt Angle for sure. And he won’t think Shamrock vs The Rock won’t be “OVER” with the Fans.

But since Vince doesn’t see Finn Balor as Brock Lesnar’s next opponent, and only Bray Wyatt left. Shamrock can at least come back and have a match with Lesnar at Royal Rumble. This can bring interest for some Attitude Era Fans, but everyone will know the outcome of the match. So it’s up to The World Most Dangerous Man!

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