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Kevin Owens vs. Shane McMahon: SummerSlam?

Kevin Owens, victorious at WrestleMania Erick Diniz, via Flickr.


Kevin Owens vs. Shane McMahon: SummerSlam?

It has been an interesting few weeks for Kevin Owens. First, he loses the United States Championship to AJ Styles at Madison Square Garden. He then wins it back in the rematch at Battleground. Then, this past Tuesday, his former “best friend”, Chris Jericho, returns to challenge him for the title, after AJ came out to make his case.

Leading to a three way for the US Title, where Styles won the belt back.

To most, the title picture looks shaky. Sure, Owens challenged Styles to a rematch for the title to take place this Tuesday on Smackdown. But, you know the rumor mill, there’s always something to catch the fans’ attention.

A report by Randall Ortman of Cageside Seats claimed that this week, the WWE may tease a potential match between Owens and Shane McMahon. The two have had their differences on the popular, yet now reduced “Talking Smack” program. Their interactions have been, for the most part, less than friendly.

McMahon is no stranger to getting in the ring with talent; most recently, he faced off against Styles at WrestleMania. Many considered it match of the night.

Should this be the plan, then look for the groundwork for this match to be laid on Tuesday. Expect Owens to be the aggressor, and look for McMahon to not back down from the challenge.

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