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Let’s Get Hyped with the Hype Bros!

Hype Bros on SmackDown LIVE sucker_Antonio, via Flickr


In the life of a WWE fan, WWE throws curveballs, twist and turns you are not prepared for. As a fan you worry about the WWE like a little kid, wonders why “Mr. Monkey” lost his stuffing over night.  As fans, we see our favorite male and female wrestlers, along with favorite tag teams get pushed, forgotten, heel turned, babyfaced; or the phrase used most often: “Not used right”.  However, that brings me to my real reason for writing this article. Let’s talk Hype Bros!

Who are the Hype Bros?

Mojo Rawley is an American Wrestler, who use to be a former defensive lineman. He is currently signed to WWE performing on the Smackdown brand. Rawley won the 2017 Andre the Giant Memorial trophy, after winning the battle royal at Wrestlemania 33.

Zack Ryder is also American pro wrestler, also on the Smackdown brand. He is a one time Intercontinental Champion, one time United States Champion and 1x WWE Tag Team Champion with Curt Hawkins.

Let’s talk..

Hype Bros are probably one of the best, tag teams on the main roster far as both brands go. Don’t get me wrong, I love the fact that Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins are Raw Tag Team Champions. I am even more happier that The Shield is back together, and even in love with The Hardy Boyz; they are the Tag team that got me started with tag teams.

However, the Hype Bros dominate each and every week. Rather, it be a promo in the ring, or even a segment backstage. Each and every day, they work their butts off, for a chance and opportunity but it never comes. Rawley and Ryder have became #1 contenders for the Smackdown Tag Team Championships on numerous occasions; but they left empty handed! WWE has good talent, but they use the same people over and over again. Shane McMahon states week after week, that Smackdown Live is an equal opportunity. Really? I don’t see it. He has talent such as the Hype Bros, and they get a little push, and down they go!

What is Really on the Writer’s mind?

GIVE THE HYPE BROS A CHANCE!! Let them have an opportunity to run with the titles. I’m hundred percent sure, they won’t let you down. Let them dominate in the ring. Rawley and Ryder are high flyers, dominates in the ring,and mostly works really well as a team. So WWE officials and writers, put your heads together, and give the Hype Bros a chance. They always give me a Hype when I watch them. However, their theme song is so hyping, and gets you hyped. If you haven’t heard it, you should defiantly check it out! It’s in the Apple Store, and you can even find it on YouTube as well. Just type in Hype Bros, and it should come up. Let’s give them a chance. #givehypebrosatitlerun

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