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News: Lita on WWE Possibly Bringing Female Tag Team Titles

Could the WWE bring back the Female Tag Team Titles? Audrey Le Pennec via Flickr


Female Tag Team Titles

Female Tag Team Titles could become the secondary championship for women in the WWE, if the rumors are true.

Right now in WWE,

There’s RAW and SmackdownLive Women’s Championship respectively, and the prestigious NXT Women’s Championship, but that’s it.

Why WWE Women’s Division needs these Belts?

Tag team partners are often portray as close, trusting friends who have each other’s backs. In the most idealized form of female friendship; it strengthens bonds and feelings, while never explicitly address, are played out in the ring and out.

In the past, WWE females Wrestlers were never taken seriously and were put in cowgirl costumes or bras & panties matches. And WWE’s female friendship narratives, by contrast, are fragile, short-lived and often build on shaky foundations of jealousy.

For example; the ‘Four Horsewomen’ of WWE, are undermine by storylines that leverage accusations of jealousy or of being ‘left behind’. Viewers know that Sasha, Becky, Charlotte and Bayley are friends in real life, but their friendship isn’t allow to extend to forming a faction in front of the cameras.

Back in 2012 and 2016

In 2012, wrote an article;

 “Bring it Back!: Women’s TagTeam Titles

With a paragraph stating;

“Twice the beauty, twice the fun beckons for twice the championship run. The calls for the return of the WWE Women’s TagTeam Titles.”

In 2016, A Fan ask TripleH about the titles and,

He answers:

 “Sure, probably, I guess…can there be…Yeah…Absolutely”

Now, things are a little different. We want something of substance, and while WWE transitions into treating female performers like fully-formed characters with goals and motivations and personalities, we need to lean on the Championship Feud crutch.

Since the audience is getting behind women wrestlers; just give them great storylines and matches, for the tag team titles. Pure Win!

Female Tag Team Titles ready to be back on WWE?

This past week, WWE Hall of Famer Lita take part in a Q&A session in Paris; on a number of topics such as the possibility of women’s tag team titles in WWE:

“There have been talks of Tag Team titles for the Women’s Division and I think that I love that they first introduced the MITB briefcase, that’s been a long time coming and that adds an element of surprise within the title picture. I would love to see these rumored tag titles appear sooner than later, but for that to happen, I hope they bring up these women that are already at NXT or some women they’ve seen on the Mae Young Classic and expand the roster.”

Would you like to see WWE introduce Tag Team Titles for their Women’s Division?

Writer’s View

I have been pushing WWE and Triple H to bring back the Women’s TagTeam Championship Belts; since 2011. Before I was fortunate enough to work for TSJ101 family, I sent many tweets to WWE; explaining why Female Division needs another title and that title should be titles.

I even wrote this on my 1st opinion article for page. How they should present their tag team belts. Unlike the men’s tag-team belts, women’s belts should only have one titles, while both Raw & SmackdownLive teams have to fight for it in every PPVs (adding interest back in PPVs). Then the winning team, from either Raw or SDLive, can have the titles in their brand as long as they can defend it.

By doing so, not only it bring more excitement back to Women’s Division with the 1st thingy, but also brings honor in the titles itself.

Let’s Wait & See!

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