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Mae Young Classic Episode 1 Review

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Mae Young Classic

The Mae Young Classic has begun on the WWE Network. Many fans ran to the WWE Network to watch the first four episodes of the tournament. The tournament is a round of 32 all female competitors from all around the world. The tournament features the likes of Toni Storm to Kairi Sane. Some of these wrestlers have over a decade of experience while others have their first match ever in this tournament. Since the tournament is separated by episodes, I will review them by episodes and by match.

Match 1

The first match in the Mae Young Classic features Kay Lee Ray from Scotland vs. Princesa Sugehit from Mexico. Kay Lee Ray is an 8-year veteran while Princsea Sugehit has been wrestling for nearly 21 years. These two had an intense face off with Princess Sugehit immediately get into Ray’s face. Both wrestlers are known for being high-flying and daredevils but chose to not go very aerial in this match. The match was physical with a lot of chops and kicks. Sugehit reversed a gory bomb from Ray into a modified powerbomb that was beautiful. After about 6 minutes of action, Sugehit submitted Ray with an arm bar. The match was good, with a surprising winner, though Sugehit is the longer veteran, fans were cheering for Kay Lee Ray from the start. Maybe that is because of Princesa Sugehit usually being a heel in CMLL in Mexico, or simply because of Ray’s popularity on the independent scene.

Match 2

Next match features former Straight Edge Society member Serena Debb vs. NXT’s own Vanessa Borne. Borne showed confidence and personality in the ring with only a few dozen matches under her belt. Debb’s video package of her overcoming drinking and getting back to the WWE made her a clear babyface. Debb played the babyface effectively while Borne impressed as a heel. Borne dominated for most of the match before Debb speared Borne for the win with the crowd celebrating her win.

Match 3

The 3rd match of the tournament encouraged MMA style into wrestling. Shayna Baszler went up against Zeda, both women former MMA fighters but Baszler having a larger name. Baszler is apart of the MMA four Horsewomen that includes Ronda Rousey who was sitting front row to cheer her friend. This match was grappling, and submissions from start to finish and only lasted two minutes. Baszler won with a guillotine choke. Both women showed a ton of charisma and potential to be big in the WWE, Baszler in particular. Shayna Baszler certainly is one of the early favorites of the tournament and looks like she’ll have a strong build. With Baszler in a WWE ring, the question will come up, will there be an MMA four horsewomen vs. WWE four horsewomen feud ever? Either way, Shayna Baszler looks impressive.

Match 4

The best match of the episode pitted Ashley Laith vs. Jazzy Gabert. Ashley Laith formerly known as Kimber Lee has been featured on NXT recently. Jazzy Gabert, representing Germany, is known as the Alpha Female and is a veteran of the sport. The match started off with Laith laying in strike after strikes with Gabert able to still throw Laith around. The David vs. Goliath story is portrayed terrifically throughout this matchup. Hard strikes from Gabert led to a few false finishes. It seems like Laith couldn’t get any offense that actually gives Gabert damage. Gabert’s cockiness starts to get to her as Laith uses her speed and aerial attack. Laith gets Gabert to the ground and with the crowd fully behind her hits a senton bomb from the top rope. Gabert shockingly still kicks out at two and hits a strong clothesline. Gabert sets up for a powerbomb, and Laith quickly reverses it into a pin and gets the three count as the crowd loses it. Laith’s win was an adrenaline ride that was a great main event for the first episode of the tournament.

The first episode of the Mae Young Classic exceeds expectation and gives fans every reason to watch the rest of the tournament. The tournament pits some of the best women in the world together, and there is no way of not smiling on the progression women’s wrestling has gone in the WWE. The Lita and Jim Ross commentary team is a bit more quirky than expected but is a pleasant surprise. This is just the first of the four episodes currently up on the WWE Network with more to come very soon. Expect TSJ to cover all episodes of the Mae Young Classic.

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