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Mae Young Classic Episode 2 Review

Mae Young Classic Dallas Mavsboy Taz Tevin/ Via Flickr


The second episode of the Mae Young Classic kicks off after an excellent first episode. Just like the first episode, the second episode will feature four matches and eight female wrestlers.

Match #1

The first match of the night is between Mercedes Martinez vs. Xia Li. Mercedes Martinez is a veteran in pro wrestling and is the current SHIMMER Champion. Her background is well respected, and she’s one of the most known competitors in the tournament, known for her brawler style. Surprisingly, this match is Xia Li’s first professional wrestling match, after receiving a contract during a WWE tryout in China.

Martinez played the heel role very well in this match. Li was able to get a lot of offense in and impressed in her debut. Li got the crowd involved with her kicks and at one point looked like she would pull off the upset. However, right after that Martinez hit Li with an aggressive spin buster and then a dragon sleeper which caused Li to tap out and advances the veteran Martinez.

Match #2

The next match pitted Marti Belle vs. Rachel Evers. Belle most known for her work in SHIMMER was the heel here even though a good portion of the crowd was rooting for her. Rachel Evers is currently wrestling in NXT and is the daughter of WWE Hall Of Famer Paul Ellering. Evers isn’t as known as many of the competitors, but her entrance and interaction with the crowd put her over. The crowd was more or less split 50-50 which is a credit to both performers. The match is solid, and Evers roll up, and the pin came as a bit of a surprise as she advances over a more known wrestler.

Match #3

The third match of the night is a familiar story of a bigger wrestler vs. smaller wrestler. Rhea Ripley being the bigger opponent vs. Miranda Salinas being the smaller opponent. Miranda Salinas standing at 5 feet tall and trained by WWE Hall Of Famer Booker T. Rhea Ripley is 5 feet 8 inches tall with a nine-year background as a soccer star in Australia. Both competitors are very young to be at this stage with Salinas being 23 years olds while Ripley is only 20.

Jim Ross makes an interesting comment that Salinas might be nervous of the bigger Ripley because she still has her ring on. Unlike most bigger vs. smaller stories, the smaller Salinas played the heel in this match and did well at it. Ripley showed a ton of potential here using her soccer background as a reason for her powerful kicks. Ripley wins the match after a kick to the head and a full nelson slam to finish it off. The match was short and displays what potential these women have in the future especially, Ripley.

Match #4

The main event had a lot of pressure to live up to after the first episode’s main event. The match was Sarah Logan vs. Mia Yim. Sarah Logan not only is known for her work in NXT but her work as “Crazy Mary Dobson” with Ring Of Honor and SHIMMER. Mia Yim is known for her work in TNA as Jade as well as her work in SHIMMER. Logan got her work in early, looking very strong against Yim. Yim used her kicks and speed throughout the match to wear down Logan. Logan was the more brutal and physical competitor here while both women tried many submission.

This match had a bit of everything, story, physicality, exciting moves and near falls. One of the best moments is when Yim puts Logan into a guillotine choke which Logan manages to get out of, and the two then strike each other back and forth repeatedly while the fans cheer on. The ending came as Yim hit Logan with the eat defeat to win the match. This match was one of the best tournament so far.


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