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Mae Young Classic: Episode 3 Review

Mae Young Classic Clyde Dawkins, via Flickr


Mae Young Classic: Episode 3 Review

The 3rd episode is arguably (and I think it is valid) the best episode of the Mae Young Classic so far. This episode features compelling, full-fledged characters and a ton of potential.

Match #1

The first match was one of the most anticipated matches for me. Toni Storm vs. Ayesha Raymond. This is simply because I wanted to see Toni Storm in a WWE ring. Storm did not disappoint, as the New Zealand native showcased everything that made her beloved around the world. Toni is best known for her work in Progress. She is also the first ever Progress women’s champion. Storm has the charisma and the look to become a future WWE Women’s Champion. Combined with the fact that she is only 21 years old and has the indie background, Storm will be a star. The match was good, and Raymond had an interesting Amazon heel gimmick. The end came when Raymond went to the top rope, acting cocky and stalling which would cost her. Raymond missed the top rope splash, and Storm rolled her up to advanced in the tournament.

Match #2

The second contest features another future WWE star. At least in my mind. Dakota Kai, another New Zealand native, has all the signs of a star. Kai has a sweet personality that makes you want to root for her, much like Bayley or Sami Zayn. She faced off against Kavita Devi, who was trained by The Great Khali. Devi is certainly one of the strongest competitors in this tournament. Kai plays the babyface underdog, fighting from the bottom. Devi, however, was surprising with her athleticism and willingness to take risks in the match. Kai turned up her intensity to be necessarily aggressive to win and finished the match a running kick and a coupe de gras.

Match #3

Bianca Belair vs. Sage Beckett displayed a possible new star as well. However, it may not have been in a conventional way. Bianca Belair is part of NXT, but looked like a star in this match. Belair used her giant braid as a swinging weapon, which was something new and refreshing. Beckett has trained under the Team 3D Academy and is now signed with NXT as well. After Beckett misses a splash, Belair once again uses her braids and then hits a spear to win the match. Belair showed a ton of charisma and potential. With certainty, she will be an exciting talent to watch in NXT.

Match #4

The main event once again does not disappoint. Piper Nevin is known very well on the independent scene as Viper with companies such as ICW and Stardom. Santana Garrett is most known for her work in Stardom and TNA. They work a very simple, stronger vs. faster match style that really works in this main event. Nevin starts off overpowering Garrett, while Garrett attempts to fight back from the bottom for most of the match. Nevin hits a few running splashes to wear Garrett down. The end of the match came when Nevin moves out of Garrett’s lionsault, and Nevin takes advantage with a running senton and vicious Michinoku driver. Piper Nevin wins! The crowd is incredibly pleased, and Piper has potential to be either a dominant heel or a loving babyface.

Another Mae Young Classic episode with even more success. The tournament continues with episode four, which will be reviewed for you here at TSJ Sports.

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