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News: Main Roster Talents Heading Back to NXT

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WWE’s NXT served as the flagship television show of WWE’s developmental system, and is broadcast on the WWE Network every Wednesday. Once, it was a seasonal competition between rookies, but then it quickly developed into an entire territory for new talents.

Starting with NXT: Arrival in February 2014, and occasionally aired live two-hour episodes on the WWE Network, the shows took off greatly. From which it effectively serves as the NXT equivalent of main roster pay-per-view shows.

This brand is also known as Triple H’s “pet project.” Fans even say it’s much more enjoyable to watch then WWE flagship shows.

Creating Fresh, New Talents

It does create a lot of superstars that we now see in both Raw and Smackdown main roster shows.

For example, superstars like The Wyatt Family, The Shield, Charlotte Flair, Sasha Banks, Alexa Bliss and many more have been developed in NXT.

Once they are over with the fans, WWE brings them to the main roster, creating fresh new matches and storylines.

WWE did bring in many NXT Superstars during Raw and Smackdown Live “Superstar Shake-Up” back in 2016.

Is Another Shake-Up Coming Soon?

Wrestling Observer Newsletter recently reported that the next shake-up could happen after SummerSlam. There is also talk of making some moves after the next pay-per-view, or possibly in the fall.

WWE officials reportedly have tentative proposed ideas being discussed by sending one or more main-roster superstars back to NXT.

Those considered are talents who were big stars in NXT, but Vince McMahon simply won’t push them on the main rosters. And talents who aren’t doing anything on the main roster with the idea that they would be more useful as major players in NXT.

On the plus side, the move back to NXT for those talents would be better, especially for those who are not properly used.

NXT Returns:

Who do you think needs a fresh start? Who needs to head back to their original stomping grounds again? Which talents does the WWE Universe think will benefit more on NXT than on the main rosters?

Writer’s Picks:

  1. Sami Zayn

I think he deserved a much better storyline than being an underdog, and then slowly becoming a jobber both on Raw and Smackdown Live.

  1. Dolph Ziggler

Another two-time World Heavyweight champion being wasted because of Vince McMahon’s lack of faith in him. Triple H thought Ziggler didn’t take direction well, and was overly obsessed trying to be the next Shawn Michaels.

  1. Heath Slater & Rhyno

They were a huge hit while on Smackdown Live, but after the 2017 shake-up, they were drafted to Raw. The creative team hardly even uses them on the Raw program.

Some fans want Baron Corbin to be sent back to NXT, but he’s still “Mr. Money in the Bank”…so…it’s not happening.

For me, I think Corbin just needs to pick up the pace in the ring, and work on some promo skills. The best way to accomplish this is by forming a stable with Sanity. A “Lone Wolf & a Pack of Hyenas” stable can bring chaos on Smackdown Live, which the fans will enjoy.

What do you guys think? Who needs to head back to NXT? Let us know your picks in the comments below!

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