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Mark Henry Puts the World Strongest Slam on Hulk Hogan’s WWE Return

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Mark Henry

Mark Henry is a former a two-time WWE world champion, and is the man who puts superstars into his ‘Hall of Pain’.

Next in line for his Hall of Pain is Hulk Hogan

The “World’s Strongest Man” said that if Hogan wants to return to the WWE, he should “personally apologize to all of the black wrestlers on the roster.” He believes that is one thing that will allow the WWE to forgive him.

Henry told TMZ:

 “I think after an apology to all of the existing African-American talent that he would– we’re a forgiving world.”

There’s no doubt that Hulk Hogan is one of the best wrestlers of all time, an All-American hero, and the leader of the devious faction, nWo. He was a six-time WWF/E World Heavyweight Champion during his career with the company.

After leaving WWE (WWF then) in 1993, he returned to the company a number of times until in 2015. Following the leak of a racist rant made by Hogan, WWE terminated their contract with him. They removed all references to Hogan from their website, including all of his merchandise from the official shop, as well as his entry from the Hall of Fame page.

Of course, it’ll be impossible for WWE to remove all traces of their most famous wrestler, and fans continues to wear his merchandise to events. Additionally, online references have returned. And recently, rumors are circulating Hogan is ready to come back to WWE. Triple H has been saying for a long time that he’s open to the wrestler returning.

In fact, Hogan clearly expressed his desire to return once again last week:

“A lot of the wrestlers I stay in contact with, I have a lot of friends up there [in WWE],” Hogan told TMZ Sports.

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