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Matt Hardy Granted Rights To Entire Broken Universe!

"Woken" Matt Hardy can now be acknowledged as "Broken" Sara Mayor, via Flickr


Greatest WWE Return Ever!

On April 2nd, 2017 at Camping World Stadium in Orlando, Florida; we witnessed the most amazing return ever. On the greatest stage of them all, we saw the return of Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy. It was an extreme Hardy Boyz return. However, for all those fans of Impact Wrestling, that followed the Broken Gimmick, was simply delightful! Impact wrestling would not release it to the WWE. We did manage to see the “delete” make it in, but nothing else was allowed to be used. Monday Night Raw just got better!

Woken Matt Hardy

On November 27, 2017, we witnessed a Matt breakdown after a loss to Bray Wyatt. Dec 2nd, Hardy became more broken again. However, on December 4th Matt “Woken” Hardy became alive! This was WWE’s version of the “broken” gimmick. The first superstar to be considered DELETED was Bray Wyatt. Many weeks we have seen Matt and Bray cut promos back, and forth. Sometimes it’s just them laughing at each other. However, some of Wyatt’s facial expressions, says it all. It’s like “what the heck are you?”.

Broken is Simply Delightful!

Wrestling fans across the world fell in love with the new Hardy gimmick. The BROKEN Universe introduced the fans to Jeff Hardy, Reby Hardy, Matt and Reby’s son Maxel, Reby’s father in law, a pack of animals, a drone with a soul, a magical lake, a dilapidated boat, The Rock and Roll express, three-count, a lot and more! Finally, after returning to the WWE the fans were broken, that the gimmick was DELETED. As a wrestling fan, our hopes and dreams are a reality now. Ever since Matt and Jeff Hardy made a return; there were numerous legal and ugly disputes between The Hardys and Anthem. As a result of many feuds, it finally came to end.

Let It Begin!

On Wednesday, Jan 10th, Anthem Chief Ed Nordholm acknowledged that Impact has abandoned it’s claim to the Broken Hardys. Matt Hardy shook hands with Nordholm on Wednesday, and Hardy tweeted:

“I am thrilled to PROCLAIM that we have acquired new Allies on our side of #TheGreatwar. Ed Nordholm and The Owl of Anthem have revealed themselves as majestic beings who stand on the side of the light.

The Light away emerges #WokenWarriors

Everything is cospasctic and wonderful.”

There you have it, folks! The entire Broken Universe new owner is Matt Hardy.  Nobody knows when it will debut in the WWE, but I have a feeling it won’t be a long wait! WOKEN IS DELETED AND BROKEN IS ALIVE!!!

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