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Matt Hardy to Support Kane in His Race For Mayor

Glenn Jacobs, also known as Kane tanky510, via Flickr


Matt Hardy to Support Kane in His Race For Mayor

On April 11, 2017, Glenn Jacobs (or Kane) announced his candidacy for mayor of Knox County in his home state of Tennessee. While this is a personal endeavor for Kane, a fellow WWE superstar will help support Kane in his race for mayor.

WWE superstar Matt Hardy will be coming out to support Kane in his race for mayor in a one-off appearance on January 25, 2018. Hardy will be doing a meet and greet with fans at the event.

Tickets are available for $25 in advance or $35 at the door and kids under 12 get in free. The money collected from ticket sales will be donated to Kane’s mayoral fund.

Both Kane and Hardy hope that this event helps Kane in his race to be the next mayor of Knox County, Tennessee.


This could be a great idea. With Hardy just getting the rights to his broken character back, people would pay to see and meet him in that character. Combine that with the fact that Kane has returned to the main event scene of late, this event can be very helpful for his campaign.

The timing of this event is great for Kane because of how hot both characters are. While Kane isn’t running for mayor in character, his recent run in the main event scene has been giving him some good press for his campaign. Long story short, Kane has done Glenn Jacobs a lot of good.

No matter what the result is of the WWE Universal Championship Match at the Royal Rumble, Kane has helped out his own cause. Now, being associated with ‘Woken’ Matt Hardy as his character is taking off, will help him even more when it comes to election day.

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