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Eva Marie Reacts to Mia Khalifa, Batista to Return to the Ring?

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Eva Marie Reacts to Mia Khalifa

Fans and WWE superstars alike haven’t been too kind to Mia Khalifa as of late. Mia is a well-known former adult film star. However, she is now a sports pundit. She truly made headlines after commenting on Ronda Rousey’s move to the WWE. Unfortunately, her comments weren’t well-received.

Mia stated that the former UFC star would be killing her career if she made the jump to pro wrestling. She also said she doesn’t have any respect whatsoever for the WWE. In her eyes, it is not a “real sport.”

This certainly ruffled a few feathers. One person who spoke out was the former Total Divas star, Eva Marie. Eva gave a recent interview with Complex News, where she set the record straight:

“You have to put your body through a lot of physicality with wrestling. You’re saying you think it’s fake, however when you get in the ring, you’re really taking those bumps.”

She also mentioned that the WWE rosters spend, on average, 209 days of the year working. That’s more than the average professional athlete.

Eva Marie defended the WWE’s honor, much like many others. But, let’s just say Eva Marie was much nicer than some of her former colleagues…

Batista Ready to Return?

With the 2018 Hall of Fame list leaked, it should be noted that one person that wasn’t on it was Batista. Though many expected he’d be inducted, he may actually be gearing up for another in-ring run.

In the past, his acting career has made it hard for him to align with the WWE’s busy schedule. However, he’s still strongly considering a full-time WWE run. If he does that, he will likely lose out on many Hollywood roles.

Batista has been known for “putting guys over,” or helping them reach success. Bringing him back could help boost the careers of some of the NXT call-ups that haven’t quite had the proper fan response. Just for that reason alone, we can hope that Batista will be returning very, very soon.

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