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Suggestion: Who are The Miz’s Next Feuds Should Be.

WWE Intercontinental Champion, The Miz, coming to the ring with his wife, Maryse Ahmed Bloch via Flickr



Miz is the current Intercontinental Champion in his seventh reign, performing on the Raw brand. Technically, he is the top titleholder on Raw in Brock Lesnar‘s absence.

He’s also, the 25th Triple Crown Champion and the 14th Grand Slam Champion in company history, like Chris Jericho, who is now going to have a dream match with Kenny Omega on Jan. 4th, 2018 in Tokyo Dome.

The A-List Star holds the third longest-reigning Intercontinental Champion in WWE history by combined days. And he is the only one of a few interesting and entertaining to watch on RAW.

Most valuable star on WWE Raw roster,

Fewer Superstars have had a better 2017 than Miz, who has reigned as intercontinental champion for the best part of the year and beaten everyone who has stepped up to challenge him.

When he wasn’t holding the gold, he was tearing into John Cena and Nikki Bella on the microphone en route to WrestleMania 33. So there is no denying, he has flourished during his run on Raw.

While Miz is far from the best technical wrestler on the roster, his ability to make anything he’s involved in engaging and must-see has cemented him as an important asset to the company.

In an age when traditional babyfaces and heels are almost nonexistent, Miz stays true to his egotistical persona in an effort to not only boost his own stock but also advance whomever he is working with.

Beating Top Stars,

The Awesome One has had feuds with Top-Stars like Both Hardyz, Cesaro, Ziggler, Zayn, All 3 of The Shield and Balor. It doesn’t matter if he beats them clean or by cheating, he still beats them all, and The A-Lister still proves; he still got what it takes to be on TOP.

The Miz Next Feud,

The returning Bray Wyatt should be the next on the A-Lister’s list. Wyatt is having a BAD run on Raw ever since he was drafted, and he needs a huge push now. There is no better way than to feud with Mr.Awesome himself. Another reason why Miz should feud with Bray Wyatt is that of his Miztourage member Bo Dallas. Bo being the real-life brother of Wyatt, this storyline can push both brothers.

Brothers’ storyline always work, just like Bret Hart & Late Great Owen Hart, Brother of Destruction, Edge & Christian and The Hardy Boyz.

Storyline Goes,

Bo cost the Miz to lose at Survival Series which prompt The Awesome One & Axel on a vicious beat down on Bo; Lights goes out, and Bray Wyatt appears, saving Bo. Then we can have Bray going for the IC title, meanwhile Bo vs Axel at a PPV.  Wyatts wins the title, and then Bo turns on his brother, setting up another great storyline between the two brothers.

The A-Lister can go have a much bigger title picture since Roman Reigns might be the Universal Champion by now, beating Brock Lesnar as Vince McMahon wanted, hoping before Wrestlemania 34.

At Royal Rumble PPV, WWE can set up Reigns vs Miz, and the awesome one wins the title. In a meanwhile, at the No.30, we have a surprise entrant…he’s none other than Daniel Bryan. He wins the Rumble, and the next night on Raw; while Miz boast his win, D.Bryan comes out, challenging for the title.

NJPW got Alpha Vs Omega, and then WWE can get G.O.A.T. Vs The Awesome One. This can be the DREAM MATCH at Wrestlemania 34, WWE Universe Deserved!


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