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More News on Jason Jordan’s Injury

Jason Jordan


Updates on Jason Jordan’s Injury

It was not along ago that Jason Jordan was brought to RAW. There, he was given the storyline of being Kurt Angle’s illegitimate son.

From there, though, he seemingly bit off more than he can chew. For starters, he was placed in matches with Samoa Joe and The Bar, veterans in the company. Jordan tried everything he could to get in the spotlight.

Luckily, JJ eventually ended up becoming half of the RAW Tag Team Champions with Seth Rollins. However, at the 2018 Royal Rumble, The Bar regained the titles back. Jordan and Rollins could not get on the same page as a team. In fact, Jason Jordan hardly wrestled during that match at all.

Unfortunately, it looks like being on the same page may never happen again. Right now, there is speculation that JJ may have a career-ending injury.

Jason Jordan Injury

Jordan seems to be suffering a serious neck injury. He is unable to get his grip under control. This was the same matter that WWE Hall of Famer Edge had issues with. Edge could not even pick up a dumbbell because he had trouble gripping. This eventually lead to surgery, forcing him retire from the WWE.

Jordan, however, has been pushing off the surgery. Surgery looks to be the last resort.

If Jordan has to resort to the neck surgery, he will be out anywhere from 12-14 months for recovery. That is something the former tag team champ does not want.

Jason Jordan hasn’t had a single matche since the first of the year. He’s been in tag matches to keep stress off from his neck.

It seems that he was also supposed to be part of the Elimination Chamber match, but was pulled. There were also rumors that there would be a Jason Jordan vs Seth Rollins at Wrestlemania 34, but nothing has been set in stone.

If this neck injury keeps getting worse, then we will not being seeing Jordan for a while, If ever again. He will be pulled from all events.

Writer’s Thoughts

I am going to be honest: I don’t like Jason Jordan. However, I do not wish an injury on him. I don’t wish it anybody.

People say WWE is fake. Yes, we all know its scripted. Just as they say, though, the wrestling and the injuries are all real.

Injuries can give our favorite Superstars courage enough to fight back while others will end careers.

We can only hope the best for Jordan at this time.

What is the future of Jason Jordan? Will Jordan have surgery? Will it end his career? Feel free to comment below and let us know what you think.

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