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Nia Jax asked Enzo Amore “How you Doin?’”

Nia Jax...and Enzo Amore? Sabre Blade, via Flickr


I have stated in all my articles, the WWE keeps you guessing. Rather it will be a new talent, new story or ext. Let’s take a look at Nia Jax and Cruiserweight Champion Enzo Amore. One simple “How you Doin’?”, can go along way!

Nia Jax and Enzo Amore

Recently, on Monday Night Raw we saw Nia Jax walk up to Enzo Amore and say “How you Doin’?”, winked; and walked off smiling. Where could this be going? A possible new relationship for a storyline perhaps?

It has been reported that WWE has nothing to do with Nia since Absolution has taken over. They aren’t ready to give us the mix-up, with Nia and Paige, and her group. Even though they have seen how dominant she can be.

However, what’s the scoop on Nia and Enzo? Nobody really knows where this might be going, at this time. However the “How you Doin’?” is becoming an every week thing. So yes we could maybe see a Nia and Enzo storyline relationship soon. Rather we will see Nia carrying over her shoulder, after a match; or just being silly just like Enzo himself. There is so many outcomes for how we can take this scripted storyline.

Writer’s Thoughts

As a big Nia Jax fan, at first, I wasn’t sure how to take this. Why do you ask? I’m not a fan of Enzo Amore. If it means that not most of the girls will get more TV time;  then I’m okay with that. They have to do something with her till she finally becomes  Raw’s Woman Champion. We have clearly seen she can dominate the women’s division. What are your thoughts on the Enzo and Nia thing? Will it give it Nia more TV time? How long will it last? Feels free to comment below and let us know what you think.

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