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NXT Superstar Lio Rush Gets Heat for Tweet

Lio Rush Brian Krieger, via Flickr.


In today’s society we all have some kind of social media account. Rather it be Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. It’s where you can post photos and statuses to even express your opinion to an extent. One tweet got NXT Superstar Lio Rush into trouble. Emma released from WWE, and Rush said:

I guess these are the things that happen, when you are not TRULY ready for @WWEAsuka

A joke that Rush thought was a joke, was beyond that. People didn’t like what the current employee said. They thought it was really low, to joke about a talent release.

Former Superstars, Current Superstars and Independent step in: 

Rosa Mendes:

Show some respect. Have some class. You work for the same company. I’m disgusted.

Bray Wyatt:

You aint gonna make it here with the wolves… kid.


Lu Fisto:

Laughing at someone who just lost their job. Classy as fuck! Keep your chin up @EmmaWWE

Tessa Blanchard:


Even his own fellow NXT Superstars:

Peyton Royce:

Wow, kid! Didn’t you just get here? Professionalism goes a long way.


Oh, Lio……

Lio Rush writes apology

Lio Rush received so much heat for the tweet, he deleted the tweet and posted this apology to Emma. His apology said:

At the end of the day, there is a certain level of respect within professional wrestlers in the sports and Entertainment industry that is noted within peers. With that being said, Emma I respect you and everything that you have done for our buisness. It saddens me that the “controversial tweet” got completely blown out of proportion and looked at in a very intesitive way.

As a family man with a four year of son, and expcting another, I would never laugh or mock the fact of someone loosing there job because of how it can affect self person and there families. Whatever the situation maybe regarding the release you’re an amazing performer and respected athlete by yours truly and im sure you will excel beyond expections. To my fans who may have seen this as inappororiate, as well as Emma’s fans, I apologize and I love you ALL regardless of the responses. on behalf of myself and the WWE Goodluck!

In conclusion to Lio Rush, he still was not clear of heat, even after apologizing to Emma. More Tweets still came.

Jack Gallagher:

Apologizing because people didn’t like your joke, not for joking about someone losing their job. Also try the English classes at the PC.

Scott Armstrong:

Class act my young friend! “Rookie” mistakes are made to learning from


Lio Rush is a incredible wrestler at the age of 22, he has a long many years to start a journey with NXT and currently  working on  building his career towards the main roster. Rush needs to learn and has a long way on navigating social media etiquette and WWE locker room politics. What is the future for Lio Rush? Do you think this tweet will affect his career? Feel free to comment below and let us know what you think.

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