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Opinion: How to Improve Raw Ratings

RAW Wiki


Raw is the flagship of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), and is known as Monday Night RAW (The A Show). Raw moved from the USA Network to TNN in September 2000, which was rebranded to Spike in August 2003.

On October 3, 2005, Raw returned to the USA Network, where it remains today. As of December 9, 2016, all episodes of the show are now available on demand on the WWE Network.

Following the 1000th episode on July 23, 2012, Raw became a three-hour broadcast from two hours, a format that had previously been reserved for special episodes.


The rating war started back in  September 4th 1995 when WWE RAW goes head to head with WCW Nitro. During 1995 to 2003 the RAW ratings were between lowest 1.8 to highest 8.1, and from 2004 to 2009 the ratings are 2.6 to 4.5.

The rating started dropping around 2010, they started struggle to get a 4.0 ratings. The Highest that they could draw was 3.8, for 6 years straight and the lowest was 2.2.

The only time RAW got 4.3 ratings was on June 18th 2012. We saw the returning Mrs. Foley’s Baby Boy Mick Foley! John Cena dropped Laurinaitis with 3 A.A as a farewell gift, and CM Punk as WWE Heavyweight Champion. And who would forget “Rowdy” Roddy Piper made a shocking appearance (May he Rest in Peace).

The start of 2016 to present, the new era of WWE Ratings started when they struggled to get even a 3.0 TV ratings.

Before 2016, RAW and Smackdown ratings were about 3.0 to 1.5 averages, but after 2016 and start of 2017 the ratings are neck and neck.

But from Smackdown stand point, going LIVE, and advertised as the Land of Opportunity, the rating is steady, and sometimes went up.

RAW Ratings’ downfall, why?

Now the question is why? Why is RAW Ratings decrease?

Is it WWE losing fans’ interest in Wrestling after attitude era? Or is it RAW 3 hour super long show? Or is it the Creative direction leading to PG rating Era to almost G rating Era?

From bad storylines to wrong pushes, weak comedy acts to a 1000 times same matches with few selected superstars. And most fans have problem with Roman Reigns being the top guy on RAW.

Writer’s Suggestion

In WWE’s defense, the time and atmosphere aren’t the same anymore. But they can raise the ratings back up with better storylines, and match set ups.

Let’s review it one by one, by starting with RAW super long airing time.

3 Hours Show

WWE needs to either goes back to 2 hours show or add 205Live to Raw. Look, I think everyone can agree that 205Live isn’t strong enough to go by its own. It needs to be featured in RAW show, not before the show, or after the show.

Interest in Titles

WWE has created the most hilarious title in wrestling, the UNIVERSAL Champion or is it Universal Heavyweight Champion?

WWE is lucky that Impact Wrestling didn’t make fun by saying that title represents the studio they are working in.

Why can’t they just name it RAW Heavyweight Champion and SD Heavyweight Champion? The titles look the same, and nothing changed in RAW Championship belt to be named like that.

Or is it just to target the kids?

Next, Tag Team Titles needs to change back to Classic or similar. This new Spartan helmets looks nice, and do represents as toughness and fearless. But look at Intercontinental Champion, after The Miz changed the belt back to the classic look, it brings back honor.

RAW Women’s Need New Titles

This one is related to all women in WWE and NXT. I wrote in my past article that Women’s division needs Tag Team Championship belts. But unlike Men’s tag team Division, The Women team only need to fight for one tag team championship belt.

Read my full article about how women’s tag team titles should be presented on

Those needs to be push.

The wrong Samoan is being push for the wrong reason. Roman Reigns should be push as a Super HEEL, someone that good guys find it hard to beat. Like Braun Strowman or Brock Lesnar (back in 2000).

If u looked carefully Raw has too many top Heels and Smackdown has too many Faces. So what WWE needs to do is  send Samoa Joe or Bray Wyatt to SDLive.

If not, Samoa Joe needs to win the title from Brock Lesnar and then Bray Wyatt needs to turn Face. The Destroyer vs The Eater of Worlds would bring more seats.

Way too many repeated matches on RAW!

We don’t see top guys facing one another on weekly shows back in the Golden Era. With this ratings drop, I think most of the time they should only let the top guys face local jobbers. By doing that it will bring back interest to the Fans to see their favorite top guys wrestle on PPVs.

What do u guys think let me know in the comment box. And correct me if I’m wrong.

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