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Opinion: Roman Reigns’ Big Push

Roman Reigns


Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns, real name Leati Joseph Anoaʻi, a member of the Anoaʻi family, was liked by many when he was billed as the member of the Shield (with Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose) on November 2012 at Survivor Series.

Reigns and Rollins defeated Team Hell No in a tornado tag team match to win the WWE Tag Team Championship at 2013 Extreme Rules PPV.

On June 2014, His teammate Seth Rollins switched sides by bashing with a steel chair on both Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose.

Push Too Hard and Too Soon!

After the dissolution of The Shield, Reigns was pushed as a singles wrestler, and quickly inserted into world title contention that month, and he headlined the next two pay-per-view events.

On September 2014, Reigns developed a legitimate incarcerated hernia which required surgery, and was ruled out of action indefinitely.

Reigns returned to WWE television on the December 8 episode of Raw, accepting the 2014 “Superstar of the Year” Slammy Award.

The Beginning of Anti-Reigns

Though reigns won the 2015 Royal Rumble, portraying as a heroic character, was booed heavily even the presence of The Rock by his side.

WWE spent an overwhelming amount of time on Reigns, “bending over backwards to create new obstacles for him to overcome”, “at the expense of almost everyone else on the roster”.

He won 3 consecutive World Heavyweight Championships, 1 tag team championship (with Rollins), US championship, and the first person to pin “The Monster among Men” Braun Strowman.

Worst is, he became the second person to ever defeated The Undertaker at Wrestlemania, and possibly the person that retired the Phenom.

Next day on RAW, he received the loudest “Boos” in his wrestling career, as a baby-face.

Strowman even got “cheers” by the Fans whenever he beats up Reigns.

Roman Reigns’ Future

It’s no surprise, despite most fans disapproval for the next “flagship star”, suspended 30 days for his first violation of WWE’s Wellness Program, and was named as 2016’s “Most Hated Wrestler of the Year” by Pro Wrestling Illustrated, WWE still pretending he’s some kind of lovable BIGDOG!

In February 2017, Dave Meltzer wrote that WWE’s push of Reigns “will never end. Meltzer also reported that 2018’s WrestleMania 34 was to “once again build for a year, and have the big coronation” for Reigns (as the heroic character), who would beat Brock Lesnar for the WWE Universal title “to fully replace John Cena as the lead babyface of the company”.

In a 2017 ESPN interview, Reigns said he did not view his boos “as a negative”, but as “motivation”. He elaborated, “Thousands of people are screaming! Booing at the top of their lungs, and I’m the center of attention, so I must be doing something right”.

Writer’s View

In my previous article about “Samoa Joe”, I wrote how Joe should win the universal title from Lesnar at Great Balls of Fire PPV, and then dropping the title to Reigns at Survival Series.

Like Meekmahan wanted! WWE can now set up Brock Lesnar vs Roman Reigns for the Universal Championship Match at Wrestlemania 34.

Lesnar and Heyman returns! Challenges Reigns for a title shot because he already beat Reigns to regain the title at previous Wrestlemania 31.

So it’s easier to build a storyline with Lesnar trying to reclaim the belt from reigns. Someone who he already beaten before.

That way, when Reigns regains the title, and scores a victory, he gets redemption.

And for reigns’ untimely push, my suggestion is like Rikishi and Stone Cold!

Start pushing him as a Super Heel, and not as a Super Babyface.

Roman Reigns Heel turn is a MUST!

If WWE did their homework, they should know that the most beloved superstars came after being a villain. Who   nailed the heel character so perfectly, the fans started to cheer him.

Examples- Stone Cold Steve Austin, the Rock, the Undertaker, Mick Foley, and etc.

So try pushing Reigns as someone who’s hard to beat like Brock Lesnar (1st debut in WWE).

Look at Samoa Joe, he’s getting a “cheers” from the fans now. Even when he’s still portraying as The Destroyer (Heel Character).

Bray Wyatt and Kevin Owens are second examples, but their popularity goes downward.


Because of WWE creative’s bad way of presenting them. And with an overwhelming amount of time WWE is spending only on Reigns.


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